Prep continues

As we continue to prepare for our departure date we have accomplished much.

We added AIS to our boat. This is a safety device that detects other vessels and gives us important information about that vessel. This will become extremely helpful once we hit the rivers in the middle of the country. These rivers are heavily traveled by large barges that can take up much of the river, especially while making turns around bends.

We have secured all the paper charts we will need and Marie is diligently charting our courses. Waypoints and anchorages will become a way of life.

We have purchased our dinghy and outboard engine. This will become a vital piece of equipment as we plan on staying at anchor quite a bit. This in many ways becomes the lifeline to shore.

We have finalized our storage configuration and believe we have optimized our space. We have evaluated our needs and with the space we have we think we are in good shape. Don’t be surprised if you see the same clothes alot once we start to post pictures, and you know how Marie is with those!

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