Short shake down run

Well we pulled lines and headed out to spend three days at anchor. Little test of our new ground tackle. Learn some ins and outs of the electrical system and its capabilities. Really just a time to get out on the water.


  1. We did not kill each other!
  2. New anchor system worked fantastic.
  3. Did a very good job learning the ins and outs of our power source.
  4. Had fun! P.S. Happy Anniversary to my love Marie.


  1. Thought I had the grill set up since we added a 5# cannister on board. When we got out on the water didn’t realize I was missing a piece. Come to find out once we got home that all parts were on board! So we didn’t get to grill the meat we had. No problem we have salad fixings so we certainly can substitute our protein source with other items we brought along. Ooooooppppppssssss, guess who forgot the salad dressing! Marie had some wonderful comments which I clearly deserved, then we had a few laughs about it.
  2. Communication from me needs to get better?! But you would think that after 13 years of marriage, that Marie would understand the word thing applies to everything. Example, put your hand on the thing and turn it! I certainly will try to get better at this.

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