Safety First

It has been a while since our last post. As you know safety is quite important on our journey. With that in mind along with all our other safety items we have added a piece of equipment know as AIS(Automatic Identification Sytem) For those unfamiliar it a mandatory piece of equipment on commercial vessels. AIS will display much data about other vessel directly on our chart plotter. Unlike radar which sees in straight lines AIS is gps driven giving you the ability to see vessels without have visual contact. You ask why is this important, well mainly so we will be able to see big barges on the inland river system. I can hail them by name and seek instructions from the Captain well before we were to meet on a turn. These barges are HUGE and take up a lot of room. Safety Safety Safety!!!!

2 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. Marie and Rick,
    Just read the great article in the Coastal Observer (December 24) Cruise of the Rama. So the adventure has begun, must be exciting to actually be on the adventure after all your planning and preparations.
    By pure great luck and the friendly people of Georgetown, we found the perfect slip for our boat “Beach Music”, possibly you saw her docked along the first part of the Harborwalk in Georgetown when you were on the hard at Hazzard Marine. We rent the slip from the husband and wife that own Indigo Bakery, Thomas’s Café and the Mercantile spots along Front Street, Georgetown. It is wonderful not having to deal with the current in the river at Heritage Plantation.
    I look forward to keeping track of trip.
    On your spring travels north in the spring I have a good deal of knowledge of the coast of New Jersey from Barnegat Light to the Manasquan River, being there every summer for the first 60 years of my life and of course Newport, RI where I lived for some 20 plus years .


    1. Hi Doug! We leave on March 10th!!! We are more than excited! I’m sure my husband will be in touch with you regarding the NJ coast if he hasn’t already done so. We are originally from Warwick. All of our children are still there. Our first big stop will be Pawtuxet Cove. We’ll hang there with the family for the month while we welcome our new granddaughter into the world. Enjoy following us! Marie


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