Countdown is on!

We have 52 days until we lift lines.

Quick update on the latest maintenance checklist. Changed the oil in the generator, changed the air filter, changed the transmission fluid as well as the filter. Cleaned all sea strainers. Going to move the solar panel this week. Yup, you guessed it more bloody hands! Just love working on the boat, new nickname Gumby.
Packing has begun! For any of you that know me this is something that I have done quite a bit. We learned alot from our cross country tour, those lessons are coming into play now. One example is, I have a years worth of clothes packed in 3 bins that are 18x13x8, yup you heard me right. We have almost every space earmarked for some type of box. So far the configuration theory is working out, but guess what we haven’t even left the slip. Photos to follow once we have packed completely.
Just a quick thanks for following!

4 thoughts on “Countdown is on!

  1. How exciting! Make sure to post pics of your clothing/packing! What are you guys doing for food…..pre-packing anything. Would love to know best containers to store spices in. Lol. My onion and garlic powders get hard all the time (boating in Long Island Sound).


    1. HI Debbie! Rick will be posting some pictures soon of his incredible packing skills. We are each allotted three small bins for clothing (to be honest, mine are not as small as his….but still small! 18x12x13!) We are using on cubby down in the v-berth area for bathing suits and throws. We also took out the wine cooler and put in a shelf to store our jackets on top and 2 gallons of water on the bottom. We find that rolling our clothes makes for more room. We have already stored all of our food storage plastic bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil in bins under the sink. We will have one big Rubbermaid bucket down below for our dry good foods. We are going to pack a few things that we already have at home. The plan is to shop for food weekly or biweekly. We’ve only brought about 6 spices in addition to the salt and pepper. We’ll take pictures so you can see the shelf we installed. We’ll be sure to wave as we pass through your area at the end of March! Can’t wait for the journey. Hope you can join us!


    2. Hey Red,
      Once we are fully packed which will not be until early March I will post a video of the entire boat packed. As far as spices I am going to put a piece of plastic wrap over the shaker then screw it down. Stay tuned! Where in the sound? We will be coming through in Early March to go to RI.


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