Countdown is on!

We have 52 days until we lift lines.

Quick update on the latest maintenance checklist. Changed the oil in the generator, changed the air filter, changed the transmission fluid as well as the filter. Cleaned all sea strainers. Going to move the solar panel this week. Yup, you guessed it more bloody hands! Just love working on the boat, new nickname Gumby.
Packing has begun! For any of you that know me this is something that I have done quite a bit. We learned alot from our cross country tour, those lessons are coming into play now. One example is, I have a years worth of clothes packed in 3 bins that are 18x13x8, yup you heard me right. We have almost every space earmarked for some type of box. So far the configuration theory is working out, but guess what we haven’t even left the slip. Photos to follow once we have packed completely.
Just a quick thanks for following!

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