42 Days

1 year of clothes for Marie and I

So with 42 days left our clothes are packed! 6 buckets contain all the clothes we are taking. That’s right ladies Marie has a years worth of clothes in the 3 clear bins😜

We moved the solar panel forward to harness all the solar power possible. When moving the panel we discovered our spot light was not working and that our shower pump fuse was missing. This lead to a service of the shower box itself to make sure the bilge in the box functioned. Do you see how this boat thing goes from one job into four and four hours later. Why did I ever say Honey let’s get a boat!

Completed an electrical shake down and our power source preformed great. Unplugged from dock, turned on the refrigerator, several lights and the navigation lights for seven hours, the voltage meter never dipped below 13, so looks like we are good to go for energy!

Needless to say the excitement builds but I would lie if I didn’t say that the anxiety is also rising.

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