We are now globally sponsored

We are exited to now be globally sponsored thanks to Cooper Anchors out of Australia. Special thanks goes out to Jon Cooper and his team. They have provided a unique product made from nylon with weights add to the nose of the anchor. The weight helps right the anchor upon deployment and then dig into the sea floor during the anchoring process. We are excited to use this product during our journey. Jon’s team provided each anchor in their line, but the blue one is specifically designated for jetski’s and vessels up to 9’ which we will be using in various scenarios. Jon has informed me that the key to these anchors is using the correct scope to obtain the best set, stay tuned for updates.

For all our none boating followers scope is the amount of line let out while anchoring based on water depth, weather(wind) and sea conditions. Scope is critical in ALL anchoring situations. The more scope the best chance you have to keep the anchor set especially in turbulent conditions.

Check out their website http://www.cooperanchors.com

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