30 days until launch

Wow, I remember when this was just a thought, then the boat purchase October of 2019. We went to NJ to pick her up and needed to transit 600+ miles back to SC. Told my boss we will be back in a week, 12 days later we rolled into port! Did we learn a lot on that 12 day passage. Long term boating is quite different then going to the Marina and enjoying a ride, then returning to the slip.

After approximately 17 months of ownership we have made many modifications for this journey. We are currently putting the final touches on her. Marie has spent many hours putting our legal lives together, as well as her charting specialty. She is amazing! We are looking forward to getting back to Rhode Island to spent time with family and friends.

We just wanted to take this moment to thank all who are following us and we hope you will enjoy our trip once we start to move. We believe that you will get a nice chronicle of our experience and wonderful country, from the water.

6 thoughts on “30 days until launch

  1. Rick and Marie,
    Each day the Bank of God gives each of us 86,400 second to spend today. They can’t be carried over to tomorrow and once today is gone, those seconds are gone.
    However, He lets us choose how we spend them.
    When that day comes, that we get less than 86,400 seconds, all we will have are the memories and friendships we have accumulated during all those previous days.
    I think what you are doing is fabulous and here’s hoping you make a book of fantastic memories.
    And, know that as you go, although we are not with you, our friendships will be traveling with you.
    And us ol’ southern folks will be waiting to greet you when you return!
    Bon Voyage!
    Jim and Anne


    1. Jim,
      Thanks so much! Yuse guys here in the south a a wonderful bunch of friends, and we look forward to getting back to our new home here in the south! Bless your hearts y’all…..I say that with the most sincerity😜


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