Boat is loaded and ready

We have a few minor items left to load but she is loaded and ready to go. The photos below are as follows. The empty space below the main cabin known as the coffin is actually a nice berth. To us it is very valuable space. First is the white plastic filing cabinets, those contain all maintenance protects such as glues, silicone, small ropes, hardware supplies, fender pump, clips, zip ties etc. The first two bins loaded are maintenance and spare boat parts. The next two bins are loaded in front of them. One bin contains all cleaning supplies the other are spare maintenance fluids. The Green bin is empty but will be filled along the way. The red bin is spare parts. The milk crate cartons will be used for food storage. The 3 clear bins are Marie’s clothes and the black bins are my clothes. You can see the coffin is now loaded! There is a picture of the label is for our Cutwater followers, this is the size container used, they fit perfectly and allow maximum storage as you can see. The photo of the shoes and bins is in our v berth(under the bed) The bins contain all medical needs and personal hygiene supplies. We took the wine cooler out and made that storage as well. We have outerwear on the top and the below space contains extra propane canisters, 4 gallons of drinking water and a travel drink canister. The galley is loaded with all our cooking needs and the stove contains pots, pans etc. I forgot to take a picture but there is a hatch inside right as you come in the door. This space contains all our tools. So there you have it a 28’ boat packed to live on for over a year.

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