Ricks Note

With eight days left before we cast our lines, it is with great excitement that I look forward to our departure. Sharing another massive experience such as this with my best friend/wife, what a lucky man I am and what more could I ask for.

I am sure we will experience and see many new exciting things during our journey through America on the waterways. Cruising into Annapolis, gliding by Lady Liberty, cruising into Pawtuxet Cove, motoring through the middle of Chicago, navigating the Great Lakes, wintering in The Keys, damn what fun!
However there is much anxiety as well. Fear of the unknown is huge! Simple things that we take for granted such as laundry, grocery shopping, and turning on a sink faucet for water are all now situations that need to be planned. Then there is having the plan and being flexible enough to have those plans change in a flash! Ouch STRESS, you know I love my plans! Mechanical issues, well there is a horrifying thought! Sure I have been learning but to think I have the ability, knowledge and confidence, really are you serious! However, when we did the walk through of systems etc. I either learned a lot or just baffled her with bull$&@* I guess she will choose which one it was.

All that being said, the one thing I do know is that Marie and I will manage to get through all the trials, tribulations and wonderful experiences during our adventure. I will have to trust her in many different scenarios and I am quite confident with this because we make a great team. We have shared a lot over time and this will be another experience to shape us. They say behind every man is a good women, well let me tell you I have a great one!

From the past to the present, let our adventure begin my love!

From our land adventure, we are now about to embark on our sea adventure!

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