⚓️ The Loop Begins

We were blessed with a beautiful day to start our loop. Our send off was special we had many friends and family come down to bit us a farewell. Marie and I can not tell you how much we appreciated that. It is truly special to feel loved by so many folks, thank you.

We departed our home port of Heritage Plantation Marina Pawleys Island SC and travelled 53 miles to Calabash Creek in Little River SC. The weather was superb all day and we rested at anchor for the night. Woke up to a brisk morning so I kicked the generator on and started the coffee. Next I kicked on the heat and BOOM, overloaded the circuit and we lose the A/C power. Arghhh no coffee, first issue with boat, no stress lol! So We decide start the engine and move to our next stop. We travel from Little River to Carolina Beach NC. Upon arrival we head into a Marina take on diesel and start to diagnose the electrical issue. After exhausting my expertise, which I may add has increased enough for me get to a point where I needed to phone a friend! I was informed that the generator has its own circuit breaker, who’d a thunk that! BOOM, push the button and we have A/C again, magic I’d say. We departed the dock and headed to the harbor to rest at anchor. Day 3 we transmitted extra miles to Swansboro NC approximately 66 miles in all. We are at the head of the Bogue Sound and will lay up due to wind. The bogue will be real snotty so we have to hold up until it calms down. Sunday we will try and make a very long run of 80 miles or not, we shall see! It is nice not to have a schedule!

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