Journey on ⚓️

Entered the Bouge Sound on 3/14 and travelled to RE Mayo Seafood covering 69 miles. We stretched it out longer to make up for a lost day in Swansboro. The Bouge was littered with dolphin the entire run. The channel is very narrow and you shouldn’t stray out of it because it is very shallow, yup we rub pretty good in one section. Leaving the Bouge we entered Morehead City and the recreational fisherman were out. We entered the Neuse River and the water was flat. We were greeted by several sailboats along the way. The River started to get quite bumpy so we ran the engine out to get off the River. We tied up at Mayo’s $.40 cents a foot total of $11.40 including electricity, quite a bargain!

3/15 woke up to a cold morning! Weather didn’t make it over 45. We traveled from Mayo to Alligator River Marina total of 74 miles. Both the Pamilco River and the Pungo River were snotty. After leaving the Pungo we entered the Pungo-Alligator Canal 22 miles of very boring run. However you have to admire what the Army Corp of Engineers created. These canals along the Intracoastal Waterway are known as ditches to boaters, but what they did was connect River systems together to protect the U. S. Supplies from being attacked off shore.

3/16 Departed Alligator Marina and took on the Albemarle Sound. Ran the engine across the sound into the Pasquotank River. We changed courses do to winds along the cost and decided to go through the Dismal Swamp. Arrived at the Dismal Swamp visitors center and we will spend the night. The run today was 53 miles. Along the way we encountered a few bald eagles, blue herons and a couple of osprey. Transmitted the south mills lock to entry the dismal swap, 1 done a numerous more to encounter. We will tackle the Deep Creek lock leaving and pay our respects to Robert the lock master at Deep Creek who left us way to soon. Godspeed Robert you were special I will miss breakfast!

3/17 Happy St Paddy’s day to all🍀 I was greeted by an otter while I took on my morning preparation. Departed the visitors center and travelled to Hampton Roads VA total of 44 miles. We made a few stops along the way. Before we went through the deep creek lock we stop and reprovisioned. Needed to wait a few hours before we could pass through Deep Creek Lock. After departing the lock we travel to mile zero on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway better known as Norfolk. We refueled in Portsmouth in preparation to head out to the Chesapeake Bay. We were notified when refueling that the weather was going to turn for the worse. As planned we motored to Hampton to stage for the bay. Looks like we may be in port for a while possibly a week!

Deep Creek Lock

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