Port Life Continues

3/19 spent riding out gale winds, yup blowing 25-30mph with gusts of 50mph cold, rainy a real hearty New England day. So we sit tight catch up on writing as well as other projects. We headed out to the Virginia Air and Space Science Center ✈️🚀 in the afternoon which was quite interesting. We learned about the space program as well as the origins of flight. We watched our first imax movie, wow very cool. Found out a very interesting tidbit that could put a major glitch in the remainder of our trip to Rhode Island. Our access to water may be limited, can anyone guess why!? Yup you got it, the cold weather is prohibiting marinas to turn the water on because of possible freezing. WE SHALL OVERCOME!
3/20 Hopefully our last day in port. Looks like it will be a bit snotty when we depart but the waters look like they will calm down as we move along. Temporary plan is to make a run to Annapolis with two stops one at Reedsville, VA then the next at Solomons, MD. Then on to Annapolis with a projected arrival on Tuesday. Once we hit there we plan on taking a few days to enjoy the area. Maybe the weather will warm up and water will not be an issue. Today is filled with preparations to depart. Groceries are ordered and waiting to be delivered to us. Some house work, water fill up👌 and maybe a walk later in the afternoon.

We are blessed and amazed at the fact that there are currently 545 people following along and sharing our experience. We can not thank you enough. We never thought that we would ever come close to this number, but we love the fact that you are all here with us.


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