The harbor is as still as can be, exit the harbor, hit the bay and the waves are ranging anywhere between 3 to 5 feet. Hence we still sit in port due to the shift in winds. Yesterday a small kraft advisory was issued and looks like our next window is going to be Wednesday. If Wednesday is a go we are going to run 90 miles up to Solomons and then hopefully to Annapolis Thursday. Wednesday will be a long day on the water but certainly looking forward to being on the move again. We have meet some fellow loopers while in Hampton.
We attempted to do church services yesterday but most all the churches here are still doing virtual services. We strolled the town and had brunch at The Grey Goose. Afterwards we went back to the boat and took on some maintenance as well as rearranging items. Then it was time for a rest. We found new uses for some partners products. The Bolster Buddy is a perfect backrest for the dinghy to make a floating lounge chair and the boot loop provided by RS Marine is a perfect power cord holder.

Let’s hope we get our weather window so we can start moving again on Wednesday.🛥

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