Moving Day, Yes!

3/25-Well today was the day to move and wouldn’t you know that when we woke up the fog was in. Reports said it will lift by 9. We departed at 7:00 because the harbor was fairly clear. Well not so much but we used our equipment, radar and AIS are wonderful when you really can’t see. Water was flat and we took on the transit to Solomons Maryland, another state completed👍. Pea soup was on tap for breakfast and lunch, visibility was a 1/4 mile mostly all day. We saw land when we departed Hampton and arrived in Solomons. We traveled the 106 miles in 8 hours traveling about 15 mph. We were very impressed with the fuel economy burning 8.1 gallons an hour. Non boaters are like WHAT??? But in the boating world that is awesome! We are on the hook(anchor) in a nice little cove. We will be here tomorrow as well the wind will be back up so we sit until Saturday morning when we will headed up to Annapolis and spend a couple of days enjoying the maritime community.

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