On the move 🛥

3/27/2021: After pulling the hook (⚓️) this morning we traveled north on the bay. We left Solomons around 8:00am with the water as flat as can be, we arrived 52 miles later at our destination of Annapolis Maryland. During our approach the seas started to churn a bit more and the harbor was full of activity. We arrived at Annapolis Yacht Basin where we took on fuel and settled in our slip. We walked up the street into downtown and we were quite surprised at the hustle and bustle. As we walked around the historic city we took note of the small attached apartment like homes. Just our luck and my charming personality😜 I asked a women as she was departing her home about the real estate in the area. Just so happens she is a real estate agent and loaded with information. The home in the video with the quote big bucks is approximately $750,000 with property taxes of about $8000. Property tax, what land!? Looks like we may be here a few days, windy go figure! Just as I remember Annapolis the water always seemed to be very choppy so we sit tied up in our slip rocking about like we are in two foot waves, ahhh they said this would be fun.

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