Bumpy start

3/31/2021: So we untied from our mooring and headed out at 7:00 this morning. Our weather apps said minimal seas. I think not we left the harbor to rolling waves but no white caps. We were being hit on the beam so it was uncomfortable. As we crossed under the Bay Bridge our course changed and we were now being pushed. It is always fun trying to surf the waves. As we continued I keep saying to Marie hopefully around this point it will calm down. We must have said that a half dozen times. Proceeding north toward the top of the Chesapeake you are being funneled into the C &D Canal. We finally hit some calmer waters and backdown on the throttle the last hour or so. We ran a good portion of the 58 miles at approximately 13mph and we were burning about 7 gallons an hour, then after we backed her down to 10 mph we had a burn of about 4 gallons an hour. We were being pushed by tide the entire way up. We are tied up at the Chesapeake City town dock. The water has not been turned on yet, however we have about 25 gallons or so. We need to conserve as much as possible until we can fill up again. Tentative plan is to sit here two days and wait for the right wind then run to Cape May on Saturday morning. The Delaware bay is notorious for a nasty ride so we want to make it as comfortable as possible. So far Saturday seems the wind will be blowing in the right direction so right now the weather apps are telling us it will be a go.

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