Pawleys Island Harbor Host

What is the AGLCA? It is an acronym for the American Great Loop Cruiser Association. It is membership driven and we have been members for a couple of years now. It is a great resource for a multitude of information with regards to looping. It is a way to connect to past loopers and draw from the knowledge they have rather then try to reinvent the wheel. We used the AGLCA website quite a bit in our preparation phase for our trip.
One resource they have is the harbor host program. Marie and I are harbor hosts in our home port of Pawleys Island, SC. What is a harbor host you ask? We are a resource to people who’s loop is in progress. Where is this going you are thinking. Since we have a couple of day layover in Chesapeake City and with the future weather looking like we may be able to cover a lot of water we felt we needed to restock on groceries. We really don’t need a whole lot but some of the items were critical. Well, we are in a community of about 700 people, they don’t even have a convenience store, nor a traffic light. I tried to do a Shipt( cell app where you go on line to order your groceries and someone goes, shops for them and drops them to you) no such service in the area. The nearest grocery store is 6 miles away, just out of walking distance especially when one of the items is ice. So I hit the AGLCA website and searched for a harbor host. We found one in the community and e-mailed him, within an hour I got a phone call back. Our harbor host is picking us up at 9:00 to hit the grocery store to restock. One example of how harbor host program becomes part of your journey. A huge thumbs up 👍 and thank you goes out to Foster.

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