Today we had a double adventure on a beautiful Easter Sunday. Unfortunately we missed service because we left at the crack of dawn, sorry Jon! We travelled the 71 miles down from Chesapeake City to Cape May. The Delaware Bay is a notorious body of water but through some planning, help and prayers our run was very nice. We rode the tide down almost the entire way. We hit Cape May early and pulled into Utsch’s Marina. We were told no one would be there, being Easter Sunday. However when we were filling up with water, another blessing as we were down to probably 10 gallons Mr. Utsch’s showed up. He was kind enough to refuel us, so we decided to take on the Ocean. Mr. Utsch’s had no problem with us cancelling the reservation we had because up here the Marina’s are pretty much closed, the season still has not begun. We left the inlet and proceeded to Atlantic City about 43 miles north. The waters were comfortable for the most part and we were treated to a rather large pod of dolphin at one point. To say I was a little stressed would be an understatement! However we tackled it and we can now check off another confidence builder. We think we may make another 50 mile run up the coast tomorrow. We will leave later in the morning as the seas will be calming in the afternoon. If not we will wait until Wednesday.

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