Delay in Departure

Yup you heard correct. We are delaying departure!

A friend(Captain) was looking for a mate to deliver a boat. Offered up my services and as of Wednesday we will be on a flight to North Palm Beach, Forida and moving a vessel up to East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

I am blessed to have this great oppurtunity for many reasons. I will gain a great deal of knowledge spending time with a delivery captain. The chance to pick his brain and observe techniques, in hopes to advance my knowledge is always important. Hopefully this experience opens up other opportunites for similar trips in the future. This run is extremely different then your typical cruiser or looper experience. The intent is to transit the coast and be back in Rhode Island in a week LOL as usual pending weather.

The delay is perfect as Lock 17 on the Erie canal is broken and down for repairs, probably a week or so from what I am reading. There is a big hold up at the lock and boats are now being stopped at Lock 2 so the canal does not get jammed up. So when we shove off we should be in a good postion to have a wonderful cruise and my honey gets to spend more time with our grandchildren. Plus the compensation for the trip isn’t to shabby so Marie and I are looking at this as a win, win situation!

Stay tuned for more adventure, I will be posting along the way!

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