Delivery Complete

Well, we flew out last Thursday and landed in West Palm Beach. We provisioned and checked boat systems, fluids etc. We were ready to start the journey north to East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Sitting directly behind the boat was Tiger Woods Yacht named Privacy.

Day 1 early rise on Friday to start the journey, we weren’t underway 10 minutes and had our first problem. The boat would not come up to speed. The captain diagnosed the issue the bottom was fouled(dirty)! This is a problem, it is Friday the start of Memorial Day weekend. The Captain pulls a rabbit out of his hat and as we limp into Stuart Florida, there waiting is a haul out and the slings being lowered into the water. Boat pulled, scrapped, power washed and put back in the water in less then 2 hours, LUCK! Problem solved, out the Jupiter inlet we go and run offshore up to St Augustine.

Day 2 we run offshore from St Augustine to Beaufort, South Carolina. The seas started to kick up so we proceeded into the Inlet/River and ran to Charleston, SC. Accept about 2 hours out of Charleston we get alarms going off. After diagnosing the problem, we are leaking power steering fluid. We limp into Charleston, Uber to the store and get the supplies we need. Upon arrival back we make the repairs needed.

Day 3 weather forces us to run the intracoastal waterway again. We steamed right by the Marina where we keep our boat! Waved hello and goodbye. Tried to talk the captain into stopping and going to our house but that wasn’t happening. We run to Wrightsville Beach, NC. WITH NO PROBLEMS, YEAH!

Day 4 we depart Wrightville and have to run the intracoastal again to Coinjock, NC. PS the primes rib is as good as the say. We check the weather and we have a great weather window to run offshore for the next several days.

Day 5 we depart Coinjock with our sights set on Cape May, NJ. Heading to Norfolk through the last parts of the intracoastal the captain says we have another issue. The rpms are not increasing enough and the two engines are not syncing up. Dirty fuel filters the captain says. After a 3 hour delay and not being able to locate the correct filters, we manually clean the filters and get underway. She responds awesome to the cleaning and off we go. We miss our destination but make it to Ocean City, Maryland.

Day 6 we are on the water at the crack of dawn. We run the coast offshore. New Jersey is loaded with loopers. We passed at least 20 looping boats on our way to New York harbor. Never thought I would be doing this part again but this time I got to be the passenger! It was just as cool the second time around! Captain decides we are laying the boat down in Newport, RI huge run!

Day 7 we deliver her to East Greenwich, RI!

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