We are back underway

Hey Everyone just want to start by saying thanks to everyone following. After a two month lay down we are finally underway. We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends while in RI. I would be remiss though if I didn’t say that our new granddaughter was such a delightful time away from the water. We had so much fun seeing her develop from a newborn to a 2 month old. It is amazing to see such growth in such a short period of time. She really connected with Nana and Pop.

6/13 We departed Pettis Boat Yard at 6am and we were meet with favorable seas, including the dreaded passage leaving Narragansett Bay into the Block Island sound. You remember the nightmare going in well it was delightful going out. We cruised 74 miles to Niantic and anchored in the river for the night. We finally got to grill onboard!

6/14 We transmitted the Long Island sound to Manhasett Cove. Welcome to NY diesel $3.89/gl ouch! The sound was calm and we skirted a nasty thunderstorm on the Connecticut side of the sound. We did however get rained on several times. We moved 96 miles and positioned ourselves perfectly for our next leg.

6/15 With our sights set on Croton on the Hudson we departed around 8am. As we approached the Throgsneck Bridge, the US Coast Guard decided they were going to board us for a safety inspection. They were training a new guy(born in 2001, boy are we are getting old) Rama passed with flying colors! As we departed the boarding we headed to Hell Gate and the Harlem River. After passing under many bridges, Yankee Stadium on our starboard side we reached the railroad swing bridge and the entrance to the Hudson River. We made a turn to starboard(right) and proceeded up the Hudson headed to Croton. The views were spectacular of the Pallisades. We arrived at Half Moon Bay Marina and finally meet up with several loopers at the Marina.

6/16 We spent the day in port today. Visited the Croton Dam, it was beautiful! Tomorrow we shove off again.

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