Slow and Easy

6/21 We departed Waterford at 8:00am to enter the flight of locks. 5 locks in a very short time rising 172’ in total. It was hot and we had a buddy boat with us. Very nice young couple Tim and Kate on their boat Sweet Day out of Washington DC, we meet at the Waterford dock. We locked in with two other boats and both boats were a nightmare to lock with. We let them pass! Side story for my RI friends, we meet another couple at the Waterford dock from Edgewood. One of his cousins lived on Grenore and one on Howland. That means they lived directly behind and in front of Marie’s parents, such a Rhode story. So as we pressed on Tim hailed us on the radio and said they were going into to the Schenectady Yacht Club. Great call we were there by 1ish, docked paid $35 for the night. We hit the pool for the entire afternoon, great call Tim!

6/22 The weather took a turn for the worst. Went from Sunny 85 to 60 and rainy. We were headed to Amsterdam, NY but decided to go on by because the weather never lifted as predicted. We traveled locks 8-13 and sat the boat down on the town dock in Canajoharie, NY. We are sitting outside of Lock 14. Looks like we are going to go to Little Falls tomorrow, about 24 miles away. We will go thru locks 14-17.

6/23 Woke up to fog rolling down the river. Went to town and ate breakfast at The Village Restaurant in Canajoharie. I ordered the “Hot Mess”. It was awesome, big shout out to Hazel and Dawn. The day was uneventful until we hit lock 17. They were experiencing mechanical issues so we had to tie up at the wall and wait. We only waited for 30 minutes and they called us in. Once in the mechanical issues started again and we had to wait another half an hour. We arrived in Little Falls, NY to a beautiful center. This evening we meet up with several loopers and shared a nice evening. Tomorrow we head to Marcy Park in Rome, NY.

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