Moving along in the Erie Canal

6/24 We departed Little Falls and had an uneventful ride to Rome. We passed by Marcy Park and went on to the town dock. We walked the town and found a great rebuild replica of Fort Stanwick. We travelled with two boats today Seeker and once again Sweet Day. Tomorrow we head to Sylvan Beach on the eastern end of Oneida Lake.

6/25 We on travelled about 20 miles today. What we thought was going to be uneventful turned out to be our first challenge of the trip. Upon arrival there was no water or electricity. The later not being the challenge, we decided to go into the marina across the way for a pump out and to fill with water. We have been towing the dinghy behind us and we have been working the length of line behind us to keep it close or let it run out further behind us. I thought I had pulled the dinghy in but evidently I was mistaken. While I was repositioning the boat to land on the dock I backed her up and we spun the ropes around the prop. Well after a fiasco in the harbor the dock master pulled us over to the dock because we were dead in the water. We contacted TowBoatUS an they actually had a diver. 3 hours later and all the ropes cut off the prop etc. we were free. We took her for a quick test drive on the lake and she ran with no issue, thank the good lord. The nice thing is there was zero cost. THAT MEMBERSHIP JUST PAID FOR ITSELF!

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