Pre 4th of July

6/27 Attended a very cool little non denominational church service prior to departing Sylvan Beach. We are going to cross Lake Oneida to Brewerton. We put the boat up on plane today and ran about 16 miles and hour across the lake. Nice little cruise took 1.5 hours. We have decided to go to Seneca Lake to the state park Marina and get off the water for the upcoming holiday. We are going to stay at Winter Harbor Marina tonight so we can access water and electricity because after that we will take 4 days of travel to the park.

6/28 Accessed the marinas courtesy car and did some errands prior to shoving off. Short travel up to Phoenix Park on the Oswego Canal. Arrived to be treated by some grade school kids. Turns out the have a great program for the area youth called the Bridge House Brats. The program has been going for 25 years started by Kathy Lee. The kids work the docks and the reception area. Jobs include track pickup, tending to the gardens they planted, water rescue training and general hosts to boaters. I think I may have a new calling once I get home. The program is worth duplicating. Tomorrow we are off to Baldwinsville to meet up with Gene Miele a friend from South Carolina who moved back home.

6/29 Uneventful trip into Baldwinsville or B’Ville as the locals call it. We visited town to pick up some boat items at the ace hardware store. We were caught in a nasty rain storm on the way back to the boat. Although B’Ville was larger there really wasn’t anything exciting. We meet up with Gene and his family for dinner. It was great to see him!

6/30 We departed the dock at 9am and Marie was just getting out of bed. Traveled about 32 miles today to Seneca Falls. We actually went through a double lock today. Entered one rose 30’ then the doors opened and we immediately entered another lock and rose another 30’. This is a side trip to Seneca Lake one of the finger lakes in New York. We will be going into a marina for the 4th of July weekend. So we tested our GoPro camera and will video the double lock going back to the Erie Canal. Tomorrow we tour Seneca Falls.

7/1 Departed Seneca Falls around 11 or so and we traveled about 9 miles down to Seneca Lake and are staying in Seneca Lake State Park. We will be here until the 5th.

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