Getting closer to Lake Erie

7/7 We departed Newark and transited to Fairport, NY. Great stop, then town was very vibrant and loaded with great shops as well as history. Met up with an old friend. We shared a great dinner with he and his wife. Steve Rosenberg is a great drummer and published author of children’s books. It has been 40 years since we have seen each other and he hasn’t changed a bit. It was wonderful to see my old friend. We spent two days exploring and enjoying the town especially the gelato!

7/9 We departed Fairport and made our way to Spencerport, NY. We arrived later in the day so our visited was brief. But we did have time for pampering and we enjoyed some spa time.

7/10 We departed Spencerport and transmitted a short 8 miles or so to my old alma mater Brockport, NY. Boy have they spruced up the water front. We used the free loaner bike to head back to campus and explore my old digs. After that we tried to find a couple of old watering holes but they were gone. The Barge Inn is now a recycle center and Club 2 on 2 is now a dollar general store. We did however have some great Buffalo chicken wings at The Taproom. We also attended church services at Brockport First Baptist.

7/11 We departed Brockport and travelled to Medina NY about a 25 mile trip today. The weather has been horrible all day. Just a steady rain!

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