The Rain!

The weather is the big news. It just will not stop raining. We experienced a real nice storm while at Mid River Marina, wind blowing 50 and torrential rain, arghhhhh we want the sun.

7/11 Arrived in Medina about midday to rain. We needed ice and water so I hiked about a mile or so to a Walgreens, thanks for rain gear! Didn’t really tour Medina because of the weather. However with that being said the town looked very cool as I walked. We missed the train museum there which I heard from another boater was awesome.

7/12 Departed Medina and travelled to Lockport and the final two locks on the Erie Canal. Locks 34 & 35 were a double lock raising us up about 50’. We actually docked up in the original flight of five locks. That was pretty cool! They have a great museum at the lock and we really enjoyed our time there. The town had some great old buildings as well. We walked quite a bit so we could explore.

7/13 Departed Lockport and headed to Tonawanda NY. We refueled before heading up the Niagara River to Mid River Marina. The water is a beautiful green and quite clear. We have a couple of parcels waiting on us and work to do on the boat. Tomorrow we will head toward Buffalo and stage up for our transit on Lake Erie on Thursday. We will run from Buffalo to Erie, PA about 80 miles or so. We will take the Black Rock Canal into Buffalo because once we hit the Niagara River we encountered a 4 knot current. Will transit our last lock in the black rock canal until the middle of the country. The canal is used so you do not have to fight the current once in the lake it will diminish greatly. Kudo’s to Buffalo we visited a great military park today. They had many different stone monuments throughout the park, very cool.

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