West we go on Lake Erie

7/21 We departed Cleveland at around 7:30am or so after Tom from Sand Dollar replaced the impeller in our boat. Tom was kind enough to volunteer his service when he heard I was trying to put together a mechanic and location to have the work done. I helped, more like watched him do it and clearly confirmed why I will have a mechanic do it, if she needs it replaced again. Cleveland was pretty cool, we were tucked directly behind the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and the stadium where the Cleveland Browns play. We went to the Hall of Fame on Monday which was very cool. I think for me the greatest part was seeing the artists original drafts of songs on plan loose leaf sheets of paper. We stayed two days at this port! After departing Cleveland we moved to Vermillion to provision the boat. Vermillion was a beautiful little town and the people were extremely friendly. A gentlemen helped us tie up upon arrival, he worked in the building right at the town dock. He heard us asking about the nearest market and he said “take my car it is about 2 miles away” off we went in his car. Got back to the boat put the groceries away and went out to tour the town. We departed by 1pm and headed to Kelly Island. We stayed two nights at Kelly Island. The Island was small and we rented a golf cart to tour it. We visited a very cool spot called Glacier Grooves. Literally ice carved rock, very cool.

7/22 Departed Kelly Island and had a short ride over to south Bass Island and picked up a mooring ball in Put in Bay. Boy if I was drinking this island could have been a train wreck! Party central, for our Rhode Island friends the Block has nothing on Put In Bay! Thank god we depart tomorrow before the weekend madness arrives. Michigan here we come, we will enter the mouth of the Detroit River tomorrow.

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