Partner Updates

Bolster Buddy: We have used this daily when the boat is under way. We have used the product in various scenarios. I have placed it behind me on top of the helm seat as a backrest leaning post while standing. I have placed it beside me and used it as an armrest. I have used half(2 equal halves connected with Velcro) to sit on while piloting. I have also used it in the dinghy as a backrest so I can layout and relax.


Aqua Vault: This portable safe has kept our valuables secure all day everyday. Superb product to help you rest easy. We store cash, checks and passports in our vault.

Secured to a rod in v-berth

Impact Fenders: These fenders have come in very handy in numerous scenarios. We have use them on pilings and poles. We have used them in the locks on the Erie Canal quite often up on the bow so if the stern rolled out a bit impact was there to fend of some nasty lock walls.

Perfect for poles

Swift Knot: We have used these many times as spring lines. For longer stays these make excellent spring lines. As well We have used when going in to fuel and just needed a quick tie and go. We have used the swift knots to loop around pilings at the dock as well. The product is very versatile and I am sure we have not maximized there potential.

Quick and easy

Danik Hooks: We use these on our fenders and it makes adjusting them a breeze. We have also rigged the heavy stainless hook as a secured line for when we are attached to mooring balls. This gives us piece of mind to sleep easier at night.

Great hook

Boat Loop. Great boat hook! Very versatile with the loop attached. It has made grabbing cleats and pilings very simple. Also have fended off lock walls as well.

Easy to grab and very safe

Top Knot Dinghy Bridal: Well you all read about my mishap with the bridal, again this was a operator error and certainly not the product, the product preformed awesome. We still have the 25’ attaching rope and I have rigged new lines so when we go back to towing the dinghy Top Knot will be in action again.

Great product

Fortress and Cooper Anchors: We have not used either product to date. I do see us using these a lot in Florida so stay tuned for the reports on these products.

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