Good Bye Lake Erie

7/23: We departed Put In Bay at 6am and we new the seas were going to be tough as we got closer to the coast and the Detroit River. The current flowing out of the river is south and the wind was blowing north. This always makes for sloppy seas. As we approached the Livingston Channel at the mouth of the river the swells very quite large and I really needed to put the engine in high performance to break through the swell. A lot like running into an inlet with opposing tide and wind, CRAZY WATER! We decided that once we entered the channel we were going to run to Detroit. Stayed over night and we were right next door to many cool riverfront attractions.

7/24: Departed early again to run across Lake St. Claire and up the St. Claire river to Port Huron. Again we encountered some tough stretches of water. As we approached Port Huron the currents began to get stronger and stronger. I watched our tachometer slow down and our gallons per hour burn increase. Another long run but we arrived at Port Huron Yacht Club. Toured the town and hit church in the morning. We took a dinghy ride up the Black River, visited the Maritime Center and visited the Ice Museum, quite interesting. Tomorrow we take on another Great Lake, Huron. First we go under the Blue Water Bridge where the current will typically run 4knots.

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