Hello Lake Huron

7/26 We arise to excellent wind and favorable seas. We depart Port Huron at 7:30am and fight the 4 knot current up to and beyond the Blue Water Bridge. Once past the current and out of the shipping channel we proceed north to Lexington. The seas were flat as can be, why can’t it always be this way I ask myself, hahahaha is the response I received. We transmitted the 30 miles or so in about 1-1/2 hours and had the morning to explore the nice little town of Lexington. We went to the beach in the afternoon and enjoyed the water, a bit chilly for our liking. We gathered with about 6 other looper boats in the park and spent an hour or so sharing information and loop stories.

7/27 Again a beautiful day of water is in store and we depart for Harbor Beach about 40 miles away. The seas were so calm the boat actually tracked on our waypoint bearing without my hands on the wheel, I didn’t realize we had auto pilot! We arrived at Harbor Beach early morning. The harbor master Michelle gave us a ride to town and we spent time touring. We walked the jetty, picked up some groceries, toured the Murphy Museum. About 2 hours later Michelle gathered us up and brought us back to the marina. We spent about an hour or so on Silver Jubilee chatting and touring their boat, a 37’ Nordic Tug.

7/28-29 & 30: We departed to transit the 30 miles or so to Port Austin. We left at 6am as the wind was to pick up by 9. We arrived in the harbor at 8:30, we fueled and hit the slip. We new we were going to be in town for two days. We decided to have lunch in town and we enjoyed The Bank. Yup you guessed it, it was the original bank of Port Austin. Food was good and the atmosphere was very cool. We were entertained by a nice steel drum band in the evening. We were invaded by a swarm of jet skis later in the day. Turns out they are doing a fundraiser for special olympics. They do a 220 mile run on the lake, it is called water warriors. Couldn’t resist we made a donation. They brought a bunch of special needs folks down and took them for rides. We have a stuck starboard side window that we just can’t get open. Tried a few things with zero luck! So we resorted to our favorite thing ice cream! Want a true bargain checkout The Blue Moon, heaping servings and cheap! The weather has turned, the temp has dropped and the wind is blowing at a steady 15+ mph from the north. This is not the wind you want want. The lake is raging with seas upwards of 5 feet. We have stayed put for an extra day, looks like we have a window to cross Saginaw Bay tomorrow to Tawas.

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