Continue our North Bound Journey

Long time no type. Why you may ask? A serious lack of cell service! Fine in my book.

7/31 We departed Port Austin to journey across Saignaw Bay to East Tawas. Some bumps along the way but generally was a good transit. We left at 6:00am because the wind was do to pick up by 8:00. We saw some swells but the late departure folks had a much tougher time of it. We had a nice looper dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Mango’s. We had 6 boats that participated. Weather kept us all in port for an extra day so we attended a church called Harbor Church, wonderful service. Bob from Benita organized another dinner up in the park, pot luck style.
8/2 We departed East Tawas and travelled to Harrisville. The dock master has earned a negative reputation and we could see why. We stayed on the hook and sat in the harbor listening to her bark at boaters left and right. It was quite amusing! We dropped the dinghy and headed into town. It was very quiet but a pleasant little place.
8/3 We swang around the corner after departing Harrisville and were headed to Presque Isle. The seas were very tranquil and made for a beautiful cruise. Once we hit the harbor we refueled and we hooked to a mooring ball. We put our danik hook to great use as a safety line on the ball. Awesome rest with the extra security! We dinghyed into the marina and tied off on Benitas boat. We all walked up to the old lighthouse. She is a glorious old light for sure. That evening we were joined in the harbor by two other loopers. We joined them on their vessel for cocktails, well everyone else, I as usual was sipping my H2O. We moved to the marina the next day as we had a new item delivered, we purchased an electric scooter for a mode of transportation.
8/5 We departed Presque Isle in route to Detour in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The route was 49 miles or so and was easy as could be. This was the first time we could not see land, although it was about 2-1/2 hours it seemed like forever. Upon arrival we docked up and hit town. We visited a great little museum down the waterfront. We reprovisioned because the next few days we are going to be traveling and staying on the anchor. Opppps we forgot something so I scootered back up and grabbed them. We will be in some very beautiful waterways but very remote.

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