Weather or not?

The plan was to go out and explore Drummond Island and then head to the Islands out to the west of Detour eventually ending up in St Ignace. Well, you guest it the weather changed our plans and we needed up staying in Detour and extra night. After reviewing the weather again, yup daily occurrence several times I might add, we needed to modify the plan once again.
8/7 we departed Detour and headed out to the islands to the west headed at St Ignace. We travelled through some beautiful waters and saw some other loopers at anchor. We rafted up with them for about an hour and had a nice visit. After departing we continued our trip through the islands and saw some very cool old Chris Kraft lake boats. They are so beautiful but soooooo much work, all wood. We eventually navigated out the west passage and back onto Lake Huron heading to St. Ignace. We passed the famous Mackinac Island to port on our way. We were socked into port once again due to winds. We were treated to a big party at the marina followed by fireworks in the evening. The following day we toured St Ignace which was a pretty cool little town. Up early on the first ferry the following day we headed to Mackinac Island. This was a great treat and a step back in time. NO let me repeat NO motorized vehicles on the island accept for emergency vehicles. You hear the sound of horse shoes hitting the ground all day. You all know that with that sound is the smell of horse dung. We visited several attractions including The Grand Hotel. Yup, grand it is Marie ordered a cocktail to the tune of $16.00! We experienced a severe thunderstorm at around 5:30, it poured for hours! We eventually got on the 7 pm ferry back to St. Ignace.

8/11 We get a late departure due to fog as we head out to Petosky, Welcome to Lake Michigan! Thanks for radar and AIS because as we transitted toward the Mackinac Bridge Marie said oh there is the bridge and I said where, her reply above your head! Mind you the bridge is the largest suspension bridge in the U.S. I knew we were there because I could see the big multicolor blotch across the screen. Thankfully the lake cooperated for the entire 57 mile move. Pretty flat until we were just outside Petosky Harbor. Wind is due to pick up again so I will be playing meteorologist quite heavily in the next day or two to hopefully get a small window or travel the 18 miles to Charlevoix our next stop.

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