Charlevoix and beyond

8/14 We departed Charlevoix at 7am after we unhooked out Danik Hook from the mooring ball. We should have known what the day would have been like considering the swells coming into the harbor channel. Well we braved it through some big seas and arrived in Leland battered and beaten, boy it was sure nice to end this day. We ended up staying in Leland 2 nights because of the WIND!

The upcoming week looks to be beautiful on the water!

8/16 We departed Leland and transitted to Frankfort. We grabbed a day dock and toured the town. We found the best ice cream, made right on the premises. Frankfort changed a lot since our last visited here 6 years ago. The have upgraded a lot of buildings and in my humble opinion have lost a lot of it’s quaintness. We decided to shove of early and traveled to Arcadia, about 10 miles south. Very sleepy town, but we found a great cove to drop the anchor for the night.

8/17 We departed Arcadia around 8am headed to Luddington. We entered the harbor and again grabbed a day dock so we could tour the town. At this point all the towns are really starting to look the same. I will say that Michigan’s parks are second to none! After we toured the Maritime museum we hopped back aboard and headed out to the break wall to anchor. Oh did I mention Michigan has great sunsets as well!

8/18 Up early and on the water. We are heading down to Muskegon, and another spectacular day on the water. Upon arrival we refueled, emptied trash, and took on water. Off the dock and out to the break wall for another night on the anchor. Oh, did I mention the sunsets! Once we put the hook down we dropped the dinghy and spent the day on the beach.

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