Pressing Onward

8/19 We travelled from Muskegon to Saugatuck. We followed the river back into the harbor and anchored again for the 4th straight night. Being at anchor is so nice, a very different experience then being in the marina. Our Buddy boat was ticketed on his dinghy for speeeding in a no wake zone and throwing a wake., really in a dinghy? We visited the town which was a very nice, upscale area. We found some nice bargains on summer ending sales and grabbed a few items for Marie.
8/20 Up early and departed for our next destination St Joe’s. We will be socked into port for a few days the wind is going to kick up. Unfortunately the marina is on the opposite side of the river and it is quite a distance to town. He have about 6 other loopers here with us so we decided to have a pizza party. Great time sharing stories and hanging with two other boats from the area I grew up in Long Island, NY.
8/23 We depart St. Joe’s headed to Hammond, Indiana….just 12 miles from Chicago and we are now in Central Time Zone. The seas were very rolley polley on the way over. It was a 60 mile transit on lower Lake Michigan. Marie will be leaving to fly home tomorrow, for a visit with the grandchildren, amongst other things. I will be staying back to take care of maintenance, cleaning etc. We will hopefully depart for the mooring field just outside Chicago and make preparations to head through Chicago and start our journey down the river system, Mobile, Alabama is about 1300 miles from our location.

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