Chicago to Ottawa Il.

8/31 Well we departed Hammond Indiana headed to Chicago, after Marie returned from Rhode Island. We cruised down to Monroe Harbor to grab a mooring ball for a couple of days. Well let’s just say the Windy City earned its name sake the first night out in the field. We rocked to 3 foot swells all night long. Sleep, not so much!

9/1 We relocated to another mooring ball in a much more benign location. Happy 14th Anniversary my love. We visited with another looper we haven’t seen since Cleveland. It was great to see Sand Dollar once again. Tom and Anita are taking their boat around the world once they finish the loop.

9/2 Time to head down the river but we start by going directly through the city, what a cool experience that was. We press on to Joliet, 40+ miles going 7.5 miles per hour. Great for fuel economy but makes for a long day at the helm. I really need to get use to this as this will be our standard mode for the next 1300 miles. Congrats to fellow loopers Rick and Jenny on Nauti Jenny, they crossed their wake and now have their gold burgee.

9/3 We travel another stretch of 40 miles to Ottawa, IL. We have decided to spend an extra day to tour the town and we need to provision some items before heading out.

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