On the Mississippi

9/5 We departed Ottawa and headed to Starve Rock Lock. The lock master said we would have 30 minutes to get there, we arrived on time but they were not finished with the tug in the lock, we waited 45 minutes before the opening. We were headed to Henry for the night. We passed several Bald Eagle along the way. We tied up in an old lock for the night, very cool little spot but when we awoke the boat was covered with May flies

9/6 Departed Henry early in the morning and headed to Peoria the home of Richard Prior. Upon arrival at the city docks we were greeted by a total mess on the docks. Goose, duck and sea gulls poop everywhere, but it was a free tie up so take the good with the bad. It is Labor Day and the place is locked up tighter then a drum. We visited the museum and the Holocaust display.

9/7 We depart Peoria and arrive at the lock. They lock master told us to tie to the wall it would be a while. About an hour later the doors opened for us to transit. A long day at the helm had us arrive at Havana and we pushed through mud to get into Tall Timber’s Marina for the night. Exciting we passed several large flocks of American White Pelicans, along with numerous Bald Eagles((((((( again.

9/8 Early start because we have about an 80 mile day to reach our Anchorage which is Buckhorn Island. Barges, eagles and more pelican were the highlight of the day. We actually floated in the middle of a lock instead of tying up, worked out well. The lock master was kind enough to hold the lock until we got there or this would have been a long wait. Tip of the hat to him!

9/9 Buckhorn Island to Alton, oh by the way all these locations are still in Illinois. Another long day at the helm but we hit the Mississippi River today. We will sit down in Alton for 4 days in preparation for the next 250 mile transit to Paducah, KY. There will be not much to see or places to stop so we will try to transit this section in 3 days. We will however be going by the arch in St Louis the day we depart. Our stay in Alton has been marked by a heat wave however the marina has a pool and we spent all 4 days just relaxing poolside. What a nice break but it is time to move on.

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