The Mississippi and further

9/13 We depart Alton very early, our voyage today will bring us to Kaskaskia Lock about 70 miles down river. We pass St Louis to our starboard side about 25 miles after departing Alton. In this brief time we quickly find out that the river is all about barges and work. The ride is boring with minimal wildlife to view. However once we get to the lock for the evening we are joined by a pair of bald eagles.

9/14 Again we depart very early for another long day on the water, approximately 90 miles. You may ask 90 miles long, hmmm, well moving at 9mph you see it becomes a 10 hour day. Our target for the night is Browns Bar and we should rest at anchor for the evening. The river is running at a 4 knot current and the anchor set like a champ. We are passed by several barges throughout the evening and into the night.

9/15 Next stop Pudacah Kentucky a move of about 70 miles or so. Once we reach Cairo, IL we will depart the Mississippi and head up the Ohio River, against the current. We have tamed the mighty Mississippi in just 3 days. You may be asking why so quickly. The short answer is that there really is not a whole lot of support on the Mississippi for recreational boaters. We needed to transit from Alton to Paducah approximately 250 miles without having access to diesel fuel. Upon arrival and a quick tour of Puducah we quickly realize this is a great little town and decide to stay an extra day.

9/17 We depart Paducah in the rain to transit the 40+ miles to get to Grand River Kentucky and the head of Kentucky Lake. We travel about 15 miles or so where we depart the Ohio river and get onto the Cumberland river. The transit on the Cumberland is marked with a heavy current against us. The rain is steady and as we approach Barkley Lock we are greeted with massive downpours. Well needless to say we got wet while locking up the 57 feet. We arrived at Green Turtle Bay Marina and Resort. We need to slow down a bit so we have decided to stay here a week. We immediately hit the spa and took care of some needed pampering. The weather is a bit iffy this week so this will workout great.

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