Kentucky Lane/Tennessee River

We decided to stay at Green Turtle Bay Resort for the week and found a few things to do. We took a nice hike in the National Park-The Land Between The Lakes. Just an FYI both Kentucky and Barkley Lakes are man made. There is actually a town on the lake floor in Kentucky, the folks just abandoned the entire town before they flooded it. We also visited the Hillbilly Garden and Toy Museum. I would tell anyone who loves boating to spend time on Kentucky Lake it is a beautiful place with lots of coves to spend much secluded time, wonderful place to boat. We spent 5 Days moving down the lake with the current getting stronger and stronger against us.

9/24 We departed Green Turtle and headed out to our first Anchorage, Kenlake State Park. Once we arrived and set the hook we were alone most of the time. A few fisherman going by but absolutely beautiful night.

9/25 We depart the Anchorage early in the morning and head to Paris Landing State Park with the intention to fuel. When we arrive we are told the slip fee is eighty five cents a foot, we stay, go figure! Seriously $.85 a foot, not worth dropping the anchor!

9/26 Early morning out on the water, another beautiful day. We transit to Birdsong Creek Anchorage. We are backed into a nice cove for the night. The temps jump up so while sit in the cockpit we have a nice outdoor shower hooked up, great way to cool off.

9/27 Now this is where it gets interesting. We travel down to Dauble Creek Anchorage. As we are pulling in and getting ready to drop anchor we are hailed on the radio. “ You in the Cutwater are you looping” I look around and say to myself god is that you? Another hail so I respond with “yes we are and where are you? The response back “well you know the boat you passed on the dock we are over there. We did the loop a few years back, why don’t you swing over for docktails(boater lingo for cocktails)” Well after settling in we hailed him (hey god) on the radio the plan was made accept now dinner is involved. Yup, Walt the voice from beyond says docktails at 5:30 and my neighbor is having dinner at 6:30 hmmmm now dinner? Did I mention we are in Tennessee? I quickly call a friend back in SC who is from Tennessee. Herman “Do they really make roadkill stew and what’s in it?” Walt comes over to pick us up on his boat and head over to his house. We meet Henry who will be our dinner host. Pat his wife whom we meet later is home working hard. Docktails are over and now we head to Henry and Pat’s house for dinner. We pack up the ATV and golf cart and off we go. Little did we know they are having a small pot luck gathering. There were 4 other couples there as well. We have a wonderful meal no stew and meet a great group of people! Who would have thunk that’s the way our day would end. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Walt and his wife Debra, as well as Henry and Pat. Thanks for opening your doors to a wonderful experience.

6/28 Dauble Creek to Pickwick State Park was marked by a day of running the boat at a much quicker pace because we got sick of fighting the current. We locked up 57’ to Pickwick lake and have set up a tour of Shiloh battlefield for tomorrow. A couple of days early but we will make it work.


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