Pickwick Lake to Bayside Marina

6/29 We arrange a personnel tour of Shiloh National Park with a gentlemen by the name of Larry DeBerry. Now Larry is a local historian with some outstanding story telling capabilities. He also owns a small museum with many artifacts from the battle, amongst other war memorabilia. Our tour was about 4 hours and Larry walked us through the two day battle. As with Gettysburg I walked away touched with many emotions, as well as a lot more knowledge about this battle. After the tour it was back to the boat and off to our anchorage called Indian Creek. We spend two days in a beautiful cove on Pickwick Lake.

10/1 We head back down the river to Grand Harbor Marina. We spend 3 days because we need to prepare for the next legs of the trip. We reprovision as well as tour the area. We visit Muscle Shoals to tour the recording studio(so far a big highlight for me) and Helen Keller’s homestead. Sunday morning we attend church in a bar, that’s right BAR! Well let me tell you that it was amazing. The band was unbelievable, they must breed musicians in this area. The people we overwhelmingly nice and the pastor even mentioned us in the beginning of the word to thank us for picking their church to worship.

10/4 We have approximately 450 miles to Mobile, Al. We will be anchoring quite a bit as ports are going to be infrequent as we move down the river. We will be in some very remote areas so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us. We leave Grand Harbor and headed about 40 miles to Natchez Trace Anchorage. We spend two nights in a nice secluded cove, we saw two boats the whole time. We planned the remainder of the journey down to Mobile. Looks like we will hit sometime around the 27th barring any issues.

10/6 We pull the hook and travel a whopping 4 miles to Bayside Marina. We will spend the night and then head back out to the lake for 4 nights at anchor. The weather will be nice so this will be a very nice 4 days. Then we will pass through Whitten Lock on Monday a drop of 84 feet.

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