Bayside Lake to Columbus Marina

10/6-10/10 We spent 4 great nights at Anchorage! We dinghied around to shore twice, swam and enjoyed the late summer temps. Worked on our first time ever 12 month tan! We did however have some boat issues. Our trim tab actuators blew the seal. For none boaters this will be boring, however FYI trim tabs help stabilize the boat in various ways. So I had to order the parts easy, the problem is we have to have the boat hauled out to replace the parts, this is the challenging part. So after days of calls looks like the haul out will occur in Mobile, Al.

10/11 We called the lock early and were in the lock by 7am. Whitten Lock will drop us 84 feet, unbelievable ride. The next three locks Montgomery, Rankin and Fulton will drop us another 90 feet. The wind picked up so locking became a bit of a challenge, however the competent crew handled the situation. With that said the wind was blowing north the current following south equals waves. Our Anchorage was going to be right out side the next lock but in open water. We decided to go into Smithville Marina. Let’s just say a picture is with a thousand words.

10/12 We are in the lock again around 7am for our transit to Columbus Marina (Mississippi). We will transit another 3 locks dropping us another 90 feet down. When we reach Columbus we will stay for a week. We ordered several different parts for the boat to arrive at Columbus Marina. Oh, forgot to tell you the raw water wash down(ordered a new one) pump broke or so we thought. I ended up fixing it, so we will hold unto the pump just in case it fails again. We have until 1/22/22 to return it, love Amazon!

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