Ahhh Mobile

Update, we have decided to lay the boat down a month in Mobile, Al. Why you may ask. Well it all started on trying to logistically put the plan together to fix the actuators on the trim tabs. After many calls to several different locations with little help from any, we finally got a Marina/Boat Yard to agree to do the work. The problem is getting it scheduled! As the window for Marie to fly to Rhode Island and attend her nieces wedding was getting smaller and smaller, this bleed into our plans to meet friends in Pensacola who generously offered a slip while Marie was gone. We were not going to get to Pensacola on time so the moving target plan was formulated. We decided to stay at the slip for a month, Marie flys out of Mobile instead of Pensacola and goes to Rhode Island for a longer period of time, this is great because she now has more time to be with grandchildren. When Marie returns she will pickup a rental car at the airport and we will leave for New Orleans the following morning. A short drive and I will be in my first real bed in 8 months! Once we get back we will look at weather and prepare to go up to Pensacola and hopefully meet up with our friends, by the way we meet them on the loop. They are known as Nauti Jenny(Rick and Jenny) their boat name, just as we are known as RAMA.

10/19 We start out at first light and head down river to Windham Bar Anchorage for the evening. A nice easy transit in beautiful weather.

10/20 Off again quite early and head down river to our next Anchorage called Rattlesnake Bend. The river is remote and we really have no service at all. We are set up for a nice easy move only 7 miles tomorrow 10/21 into Demopolis, Al. That will give us 2 full days at Kingfisher Marina. Not a whole lot to see in Demopolis, but we prep for the next 4 day leg at anchor. We meet AnnaMaria the dock master at Kingfisher Marina, let’s just say she is as rigid as a heavily starched shirt! Rules, rules and more rules. Signs posted everywhere about the rules she just finished telling us.

10/23 We begin out final 200 mile decent into Mobile Bay. We depart Kingfisher before the sun comes up. So it is dark and we have fog but we need to make Demopolis Lock. We lock through with 6 other boats and transit through the fog headed to Bashi Creek Anchorage. The day turns out to be beautiful and when we show up at Bashi we are greeted by a very remote thin creek. We have two other boats with us so we enter and line the boats up in a line with bow and stern anchors to assure we remain straight and don’t float into shore when we swing. Marie and I dinghy over to a broken down boat ramp and when she gets off she finds guns shells. Yup this is something straight out of deliverance.

10/24 We leave the Anchorage at 7am and not soon enough for Marie! We are headed to Old lock 1 to anchor for the evening. We achieve another milestone we transit our last lock(coffeeville) of the trip! Another beautiful day for cruising brings us to our Anchorage. Accept folks we have a problem, there is not enough water in the Anchorage entrance to get to the area to drop the hook. We decide to move down river and stay at mile marker 96. We move outside the river channel and anchor in plenty of water. Not an ideal place but home for the night.

10/25 We depart again at 7 and head to our next Anchorage which is the Tensas River. We are about 39 miles away from Mobile Bay. This was a great place to anchor, boat headed west and we had a great sunset.

10/26 Yup you guessed it out at 7 once again. We need to hail a railroad bridge to open so we can pass. As we proceed down river I know that we are going to be moving into an area full of boat traffic. I am not talking small boats either, we are talking barges, Container ships, Military vessels. We just left the most remote part of our trip into ahhhhhhh! We made it though and arrived at Dog River Marina. Here we will get the boat repaired and sit for a month, but we have a plan!

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