The Keys

1/16 We left Little Shark River in Everglades National Park. It was a great stay for two days. We had an abundance of Dolphin and Manatee throughout our time. We did have a heck of a time trying to get the anchor to stay. Every boat that came in struggled trying to set the anchor. My fear was we caught onto coral and were not going to be able to free the anchor. On the morning of departure I was correct, and after numerous attempts to free it, I told Marie that we were going to have to cut the line. Well, God answered my prayers the night before and let the anchor lose right after I said that, relief. We were out of contact for several days due to zero service. We new a storm was going to blow again and we had a anchorage picked out in Marathon. As we were headed to Marathon the Coast Guard broadcast was predicting gale winds. Decided an anchorage was not going to work! As we got service we knew our hopes of getting a marina in marathon was slim to nil. We called the Mangrove Marina in Tavernier, this is where we scheduled to be the month of February. They had space so we made a hard turn to port and headed to our home for the next 6 weeks. It was a beautiful 90 mile run.

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