The long awaited rest

So after coming into the slip 2 weeks early, Marie and I are enjoying our down time here in the keys. We have done numerous things throughout our stay. We have spent time with new friends John and Jane Dumont. They are Rhode Island natives but have lived in Florida for many years. Coincidence brought us together and in true RI fashion we have many common acquaintances. John has a center console boat and we took it offshore to conch reef and the infamous sandbar in Islamorada. We visited the Marathon Turtle Hospital with fellow loopers Steve and Ann on New Adventure. We visited Theater By The Sea with loopers Tim and Kate on Sweet Day. As well as meet up with other friends in Marathon on another day and visited Crane Point. There we had pedicures done by hungry fish. Yup heard me right we had fish nibbling on our feet😜!

We Bought bicycles and have peddled to church and other sights regularly. Bought bikes???, yup and already have the cash in hand from the new owners who will take possession once we leave. We have spent much time just relaxing by the pool and enjoying keys life. We have a couple of more weeks before we shove off and truth be told, I am looking forward to the last push homeward. We will spend about 6 weeks moving up the coast of Florida, Georgia and finally back to our home state of South Carolina.

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