And We Are Off

2/27 Out of the shoot we go, happy to be on the water again. Excited that we see the finish line but wanting more then ever to have the journey continue. We depart the Marina at 8am, traveling with two other boats New Adventure and Benita. The weather is just right for our first day back out on the water. We transit 48 miles to a little island/National Park called Boca Chita. We are greeted by a wonderful lighthouse and salsa music. We see Miami over Biscayne Bay about 20 miles in the distance. We explored the island, swam and enjoyed the company of our fellow loopers.

2/28 Last day of the month and we are headed to Sunrise Bay in Ft. Lauderdale. Very breezy all day! Upon arrival we dropped the dinghy and tried to find a place to go ashore, major fail. So we just enjoyed the harbor and the weather in the cockpit of the boat. For some reason I just got a bad feeling and checked the harbor before turning in. Well the wind shifted and a big catamaran drug anchor to about 10 feet of our boat. The problem was they were directly over our anchor, so we could not retrieve it to try to move. Needless to say Marie and I ended up doing shifts to keep an eye on the boat! Emergency plans were formulated if we needed to move! Not a pretty scene! Everything worked out and we were able to retrieve our anchor with some skillful work of the crew😉!

3/1 Sunrise Bay to Palm Beach anchorage was uneventful but it was quite windy. Traveling in the protected water of the Intracoastal Waterway makes life a bit nicer. We really only had a light chop on the water most of the day. We stopped at Deck 84 in Delray to meet up with our friend Kim Dorley for a quick visit and lunch. Kim and her hubby Jim always stop to visit us when they move their boat to and from Florida.

3/2 Palm Beach to Stuart another great day on the water. We ran into some old friends on the water Cashlemara and Gemini. We passed them while they were waiting for a bridge opening. Our group all just slid on by because we all cleared the bridge height. So now we actually had 5 boats headed to Stuart. The other two boats were staying in Stuart for a few days. Once we put the hook in. We went ashore to Pirates Cove Marina and meet up with Richard and Chris Churchill for a late lunch.

3/3 Stuart to Coconut Point Anchorage in Sebastian. Long day 57 miles and a tough time getting into the anchoring spot because of the shallow water. Once we hooked we jumped in the dinghy and went ashore for a walk in the nearby park. We headed back and had drinks ands apps on the fly bridge on New Adventure. Wonderful day!

3/4 Coconut Point to Eau Gaille Yacht Basin, short passage today about 25 miles. Water was nice and flat. We arrived early so we had time to visit the town a bit. Here through Monday as the wind is going to blow quite hard and the weekend is here. That tells us it is time to let the weekenders have the water.

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