Pressing on

3/7 Depart Eau Gallie with a frown. The stop was great, the marina was filled with awesome folks and town was in walking distance. But, we press on to Titusville! We were very excited that a rocket launch was scheduled for the next morning but just our luck it was cancelled due to highs winds! 😭 We find a nice anchorage for the flotilla and rest for the night.

3/8 We depart Titusville early and head out to New Smyrna, we are greeted by a beautiful rainbow. Nice day on the water however the winds start to kick up again as the day progresses. As we approach the harbor we see all the anchorage is full so we press on around the inlet and head to Ponce Inlet Light area. There is a nice spot however the wind is ripping against the tide creating lots of fetch, for non boaters fetch is waves. We bounced at anchor for quite some time but it eventually settled down. We woke up and we had another large catamaran in our back yard this time! SERIOUSLY, you had the entire anchorage and you have to drop the hook on top of us! 😡

3/9 We decide to make a long run and go to St Augustine, approximately 60 miles. Breezy but generally a nice cruising day. About and hour from the port we get hit by a massive thunderstorm, coming down sideways rain, hot fun. In true southern fashion though about a half hour later we had blue skies. We latch to a mooring ball for the night and then head into our slip in the marina the next morning, we are staying the weekend. Rain Friday and Saturday, cold! Brrrrrrrr, what are in Florida! Lots to do and we even saw the St Paddy’s Day parade, and went to the Celtic Festival. We actually saw a great Celtic band named SYR, out of Columbia, SC. Long time friends Jim and Deb Ivarone paid us a visit as well.

3/14 We depart St Augustine and head out to our designated anchorage but we got lucky and were pushed by the tide most of our run so we pressed on to Fernandina Beach. The wind made it very tricky to hook to our mooring ball and after much stress we finally got hooked. The crew was tattered! Weather is going to turn so we decided to press on to get tied up. So we are leaving and will be crossing into Georgia tomorrow.

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