We can smell the mills

Ah yes the smell of the infamous paper mills along the southern coast of Georgia and South Carolina. Yup, the odor of solid bleach sulfate (rotten eggs) tells us we are closer then ever.

3/16 We depart Cumberland Island and head to St Simons Island. You move along and with so many inlets you press against the tide on one side and get pushed on the other side. A bit windy but a nice day out on the water. We stay at Golden Isle Morningstar Marina and have one of the best meals along our trip at Coastal Kitchen. We had duck fries, gotta say they were probably the best fries I have ever had, must try. Followed by a true low country dish of shrimp and grits, superb. We used the courtesy car to explore St Simons a bit.

3/17 Top of the Morning to you! Happy St Paddy’s! Erin go Braugh! 🍀 We depart early as we have a long day ahead of us. We decide to push the distance a bit so our next day is just a short move. We arrive at Delegal Creek Marina in a beautiful spot. The cruise was outstanding, could not have asked for better weather. We cook dinner talk to a few folks on the dock and hit the sack early, bushed!

3/18 We depart Delegal and are tied up at Thunderbolt Marina just outside of Savannah. A short cruise of about 3 hours. We are here for the weekend, excited to have completed another state and just miles from our home State of South Carolina. We meet another boat Perikana, Michelle and Duane from Melbourne, Australia. Yup, Aussies doing our Great American Loop. We spent time together and really enjoyed ourselves with them. Thank good because the current pushed us upon departure and our dinghy bumped into their anchor and we knocked it out of the track. Oh yeah the damn low current currents because of the huge tide changes, just another reason I know we are close to home.

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