The End Is Near

3/21 We depart Savannah early to a swift current at the dock. So what do we do, we bump the anchor of the boat in front of us like a couple of amateurs. You would think that we would have this stuff down by now, 😉😂! We are headed to Defuskie Island a short journey today. Upon arrival we find that the marina wanted $3.00 per foot and they could not guarantee water or electricity, see ya Defuskie! We will have another opportunity to visit since we are now in our home state South Carolina. We press on to Beaufort and will sit the boat a few days due to weather. Beaufort is a wonderful town with majestic oaks and a great town. Make sure you visit it is well with the stop.

3/25 We depart Beaufort early in the morning as we have a long day in front of us. We are headed to Charleston a 60+ mile trip today. We travel through the Ace Basin Wildlife Refuge as well as several inlets. The wind is howling at 20+ miles per hour. We arrive at St Johns Yacht Marina and the only good news is, it is slack tide. The wind is blowing us from the dock and as amateur as we were leaving the dock in Savannah, we were the pros putting it in the slip! Holy smokes what a ride. We spent time over the weekend visiting family in Chucktown and do the tourist thing.

3/28 We head out to McClellanville these are waters that we have traveled and feel comfortable. However this is not a time to relax, it is a time to pay closer attention to what is going on. We stay at Leland Oil Company a no frills marina, guess what it is Monday and everything is closed, GO FIGURE!

3/29 A short trip to Georgetown, we are so close! We spent the time doing looper things. We visit the town and have a great meal at Rollin Local. We prep for our last 13 miles. Not sure how we feel but I do know that we are tired and looking forward to being home.

3/30 We leave to hit our new Marina at high tide. The river is also in flood stage due to heavy rains. The river is docile and we cruise a slow pace toward our new destination. We go by our old marina at about 9:30am we have official crossed our wake.

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