Charting, plotting, preparing and packing

This title pretty much sums up our daily life recently. We are very busy trying to prepare for our departure at the end of March 2021! Hopefully we’ll be ready.

Once an organizer—-always an organizer
We have plenty of electronics on board to get us anywhere we want to go; but I’m always much more comfortable having the paper with us too
A few oil changes and some spare parts
Just a few of the apps that we have installed on our phones to help us along the way
We don’t want to be stepping on each other’s toes!

Short shake down run

Well we pulled lines and headed out to spend three days at anchor. Little test of our new ground tackle. Learn some ins and outs of the electrical system and its capabilities. Really just a time to get out on the water.


  1. We did not kill each other!
  2. New anchor system worked fantastic.
  3. Did a very good job learning the ins and outs of our power source.
  4. Had fun! P.S. Happy Anniversary to my love Marie.


  1. Thought I had the grill set up since we added a 5# cannister on board. When we got out on the water didn’t realize I was missing a piece. Come to find out once we got home that all parts were on board! So we didn’t get to grill the meat we had. No problem we have salad fixings so we certainly can substitute our protein source with other items we brought along. Ooooooppppppssssss, guess who forgot the salad dressing! Marie had some wonderful comments which I clearly deserved, then we had a few laughs about it.
  2. Communication from me needs to get better?! But you would think that after 13 years of marriage, that Marie would understand the word thing applies to everything. Example, put your hand on the thing and turn it! I certainly will try to get better at this.

A Company That Cares

Just a quick shout out to USARatchet!!

We had some issues for tie downs and eventually found USARatchet. Called and was transferred to the owner Doug. After discussion and an exchange of pictures and thoughts Doug rendered his recommendations. Our first contact was a Thursday, that Friday we completed our discussions and Doug placed the order for eight different straps at about 4pm. I had the finished product out our house the next Tuesday! Amazing customer service conception to product in 4 working days!

Energy Energy Energy

Well we all know how important it is to conserve the energy source on a boat those pesky batteries. Conserving energy at all cost is very important and another move toward that has been completed. We have changed out all our incandescent bulbs to LED. Just a quick example of energy saved.

Old Anchor Light: Incandescent 10w VS New Light: LED 1.5w

If you are not familiar with boating that little anchor light sucks up alot of battery life during the night when at Anchor!

Problem Solved!

Ground Tackle

Hey all, what’s up?

Well after discussion about how much anchoring we would like to do and plan to do, Marie and I have decided we should upgrade our anchor system. We have invested in a new 25# Mantus1 anchor, as well as adding a mantus swivel and mantus anchor guard for bow protection. When all the equipment arrives we will shoot some pic and possible video and give you a quick review. Hopefully with these upgrades we will sleep like babies and not have to worry about anchor drag!

Less Stress

Well I can certainly sleep better these days knowing that I replaced a very vital piece of equipment! The bilge pump is replaced with minimal cuts, swearing and abrasions! Hopefully this will be a reflection of future repairs, hahahahahaha!

Next item on the punch list will be the battery bank. We will be replacing all our batteries and upgrading them to AGM. These babies weigh about 70# each so we will wait until the weather cools down before tackling this project. Looking forward to more blood and swearing.

Marie and I have decided that because our vessel has some serious oxidation, we are going to haul her and do a complete detail of her. We have decided we are going to ceramic coat her as well. Before and after pictures will follow. Probably looking at early December! As much as I am not looking forward to this we are excited about the end result.

She’s Passed

Well our friend went by rather quickly. She dumped quite a bit of rain and the sensor on our bilge went haywire, I had to go back and forth to check on RAMA throughout the storm. Changing out the bilge will be a priority in the next few days! Marie and I will transport RAMA back to her home port later this morning. Ahhhhhhhhhh they say boat ownership is fun!

August Hurricane?! What?????

Wow, unbelievable Hurricane(Isaias) whatever her name is in August, REALLY!

Well, we needed to move the boat to a safe haven so me moved her back to our old Marina at Litchfield Plantation. It is a protected cove off the ICW(Waccamaw river). She is there for the next few days. Can only move her at high tide as the entrance is very shallow, will be checking on her through out the storm. Pray that ISAIAS just decides to go away, LMAO, sure she will.

Prep continues

As we continue to prepare for our departure date we have accomplished much.

We added AIS to our boat. This is a safety device that detects other vessels and gives us important information about that vessel. This will become extremely helpful once we hit the rivers in the middle of the country. These rivers are heavily traveled by large barges that can take up much of the river, especially while making turns around bends.

We have secured all the paper charts we will need and Marie is diligently charting our courses. Waypoints and anchorages will become a way of life.

We have purchased our dinghy and outboard engine. This will become a vital piece of equipment as we plan on staying at anchor quite a bit. This in many ways becomes the lifeline to shore.

We have finalized our storage configuration and believe we have optimized our space. We have evaluated our needs and with the space we have we think we are in good shape. Don’t be surprised if you see the same clothes alot once we start to post pictures, and you know how Marie is with those!