Concerned? Don’t be all is good.

Hello Everyone,

We are up to 610 followers now and I just wanted to remind everyone that we are still in Rhode Island for at least two more weeks. There have been some folks reaching out asking why we haven’t posted, so I just wanted to touch base and let you know what has been happening.

Well we have completed most of our maintenance checklist, but still have a few items left to complete. We have spent time with family and friends, but especially our grandchildren. We will be taking the boat off the dock next week to refuel and pump out in preparation for our departure at the end of the month. So expect to see more posts starting in June as the loop will be back on!

Thanks again for following along we really appreciate it.

Last Leg

4/9 We start our last leg home, however we are greeted to a nice heavy New England fog when we awake. We enjoy our breakfast and wait for the fog to lift. I know Marie(Nana) is itching to get home to see the little one. I see the excitement in her and reassure her that the fog will lift quickly as it typically does this time of year.
As we depart we see Fort Adams and the bridge clearly now. We start a nice cruise down into Narragansett Bay. We are really enjoying the flat water as a opposed to yesterday’s water. We pass Jamestown Island, then Prudence Island and finally Patience Island. We cruises around Conimicut Light and are finally headed to Pawtuxet Cove. When we arrive my son and granddaughter are there to greet us and wave us in. It is good to be back in the village. Now it is time to visit with family and friends, and I am quite sure the first stop will be to see our new grandaughter.

Wow is all we can say!

The last two days days 4/7 and 4/8 have been nothing short of a whirlwind. We transmitted 207 miles, crazy water time. A lot more then our expected 40 mile days. However with the birth of our granddaughter a few days ago, COVID vaccine appointments set for 4/11, a great weather window we pushed hard and we are about 25 miles from our beloved Pawtuxet Village, RI

These past two days have been quite special for me in particular. Growing up on Long Island, NY I really never thought that I would be sitting so close to Lady Liberty on our own boat. Cruising the harbor and going up the East River past all the sights the city has to offer. A total surreal experience! Then transmitting the entire Long Island Sound headed to what I considered home Rhode Island until of course me moved to Pawleys Island, SC. I think I live on island time! Sure I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, but I spent my adult life in Rhode Island so it truly is home to me. I even have the accent. We will get some Lobstah when we are here. We have travelled 1002 miles so far and the last 20 miles was terrible. The seas kicked up and the waves were nasty. NOT what the weather apps said. But after looking at the tided and the wind which completely flipped direction we were hit with some real snotty water. We had spray going completely over our bow and roof! Welcome home!

So we will motor the last 25 miles tomorrow and start our 5 to 6 week layover. Then we will be on the loop again in late May early June. The boat is screaming at me, I need a bath inside and out. Some maintenance will be preformed on her as well. Our grandkids will be getting a ride, not the newborn of course. We will have a wonderful time visiting family and friends.

We are moving

So we spent a day 3/5/21 in Atlantic City, NJ. Took Marie down to the famous boardwalk, boy did we walk! We also saw the Absecon Lighthouse and toured the grounds. Interesting fact the light is located on South Rhode Island Ave, great karma. The Coast Guard was named Life Saving Stations prior to it becoming a military entity.
3/6/21 We moved from Atlantic City to Brielle, NJ and tomorrow we will cruise through NY harbor and pass Lady Liberty. The passage from Atlantic City was very uneventful and the seas in the Atlantic were quite friendly! We passed the famous Barnegat Lighthouse along the way. A tidbit of info for our South Carolina clan, we were about 3/4 mile offshore and we were in 65 feet of water. In SC you are still in about 12 feet, had we went out to the 3 mile nautical line we would have been in hundreds of feet.

We may catch a green light and make it into Rhode Island by Friday or Saturday.


Today we had a double adventure on a beautiful Easter Sunday. Unfortunately we missed service because we left at the crack of dawn, sorry Jon! We travelled the 71 miles down from Chesapeake City to Cape May. The Delaware Bay is a notorious body of water but through some planning, help and prayers our run was very nice. We rode the tide down almost the entire way. We hit Cape May early and pulled into Utsch’s Marina. We were told no one would be there, being Easter Sunday. However when we were filling up with water, another blessing as we were down to probably 10 gallons Mr. Utsch’s showed up. He was kind enough to refuel us, so we decided to take on the Ocean. Mr. Utsch’s had no problem with us cancelling the reservation we had because up here the Marina’s are pretty much closed, the season still has not begun. We left the inlet and proceeded to Atlantic City about 43 miles north. The waters were comfortable for the most part and we were treated to a rather large pod of dolphin at one point. To say I was a little stressed would be an understatement! However we tackled it and we can now check off another confidence builder. We think we may make another 50 mile run up the coast tomorrow. We will leave later in the morning as the seas will be calming in the afternoon. If not we will wait until Wednesday.

Chesapeake City the town

Chesapeake city was developed in the mid 1800’s. The architecture although quiet similar to Annapolis is clearly different. Most houses are wrapped in clap board. It is located directly on the C&D Canal which to this day is the considered one of the busiest canals in the world. It is a great passage for ships traveling south bound out of Western NJ-Philly area. They can come through the canal, access the Chesapeake Bay without entering the open water. Safe passage for even larger ships is just as important. It is also a great way to move goods to points further south. As stated it is a very sleepy little town which makes the destination desireable. However, to be here for multiple days can be a struggle for the folks that are looking for a lot to do.

On a different note our number of followers is up to almost 600 now. I have noticed people coming to the site from many different countries. I also see that there are probably many repeat visitors from various places. Please drop us a comment let us know who you are, where your from, etc. We would love to hear from you and know who we are on this journey with.

Quaint Chesapeake City, Maryland


Pawleys Island Harbor Host

What is the AGLCA? It is an acronym for the American Great Loop Cruiser Association. It is membership driven and we have been members for a couple of years now. It is a great resource for a multitude of information with regards to looping. It is a way to connect to past loopers and draw from the knowledge they have rather then try to reinvent the wheel. We used the AGLCA website quite a bit in our preparation phase for our trip.
One resource they have is the harbor host program. Marie and I are harbor hosts in our home port of Pawleys Island, SC. What is a harbor host you ask? We are a resource to people who’s loop is in progress. Where is this going you are thinking. Since we have a couple of day layover in Chesapeake City and with the future weather looking like we may be able to cover a lot of water we felt we needed to restock on groceries. We really don’t need a whole lot but some of the items were critical. Well, we are in a community of about 700 people, they don’t even have a convenience store, nor a traffic light. I tried to do a Shipt( cell app where you go on line to order your groceries and someone goes, shops for them and drops them to you) no such service in the area. The nearest grocery store is 6 miles away, just out of walking distance especially when one of the items is ice. So I hit the AGLCA website and searched for a harbor host. We found one in the community and e-mailed him, within an hour I got a phone call back. Our harbor host is picking us up at 9:00 to hit the grocery store to restock. One example of how harbor host program becomes part of your journey. A huge thumbs up 👍 and thank you goes out to Foster.

Bumpy start

3/31/2021: So we untied from our mooring and headed out at 7:00 this morning. Our weather apps said minimal seas. I think not we left the harbor to rolling waves but no white caps. We were being hit on the beam so it was uncomfortable. As we crossed under the Bay Bridge our course changed and we were now being pushed. It is always fun trying to surf the waves. As we continued I keep saying to Marie hopefully around this point it will calm down. We must have said that a half dozen times. Proceeding north toward the top of the Chesapeake you are being funneled into the C &D Canal. We finally hit some calmer waters and backdown on the throttle the last hour or so. We ran a good portion of the 58 miles at approximately 13mph and we were burning about 7 gallons an hour, then after we backed her down to 10 mph we had a burn of about 4 gallons an hour. We were being pushed by tide the entire way up. We are tied up at the Chesapeake City town dock. The water has not been turned on yet, however we have about 25 gallons or so. We need to conserve as much as possible until we can fill up again. Tentative plan is to sit here two days and wait for the right wind then run to Cape May on Saturday morning. The Delaware bay is notorious for a nasty ride so we want to make it as comfortable as possible. So far Saturday seems the wind will be blowing in the right direction so right now the weather apps are telling us it will be a go.

Annapolis is very cool

We have been in town for a couple of days mainly due to serious weather issues. We could leave tomorrow, but the seas will be bouncy just a bit so we decided to wait another day because Wednesdays forecast calls for a flat surface but rain. Main reason for us to wait until Wednesday is, once we reach our next stop we will probably be held up a couple of days so we elected on a smoother ride, hopefully!
So we moved this morning out of the Marina and into a mooring field around the corner. Although it is much cheaper we lack the amenities at the marina. Once hooked to the mooring ball we dropped the dinghy and went to public dinghy landing and toured more of the town. One very neat thing is, there are public dinghy landings at almost every street that meets the harbor. I am extremely fascinated with the wide array of homes, but more important is the town is so historical. You can almost hear the cladder of horse and buggy as you gaze down some of these streets. The architecture is amazing! We had a couple of appetizers later in the afternoon at Pussers Caribbean Grill overlooking the harbor. One of our partners Top-Knot is getting a workout. We have attached a portion of the dinghy bridle and we are currently securing the dinghy to the boat while we are at rest.
So we will visit town again tomorrow after maybe sleeping in a bit and then prep to depart on Wednesday morning, next stop Chesapeake City, Md.