Protected by AquaVault

We welcome aquavault to our team of partners. Thanks goes out to Robert and his team. We made contact and within two days we had products at the house. We will sleep better at night knowing that vital documents such as our passports will be secure. They also provided us with a two TRUELY waterproof phone cases and a credit card size solar charger. All of these days are items that will make our trip that much safer.

Checkout their website for a view of all their items.

Welcome to Impact Fenders.

A huge thank you goes out to Courtney and her team. Not only have they provided us with a unique, interesting and great product Courtney helped promote our trip with others suppliers. Her assistance helped us to secure a couple of more partners.

Marie and I will be able to use impact fenders in many different scenarios. Locking, standard docking, wrapping pilings and rafting up with other boats are just a few examples that we feel we can use this versatile product. Continue to follow for upcoming reports on this great product.

Check out their website

Boat is loaded and ready

We have a few minor items left to load but she is loaded and ready to go. The photos below are as follows. The empty space below the main cabin known as the coffin is actually a nice berth. To us it is very valuable space. First is the white plastic filing cabinets, those contain all maintenance protects such as glues, silicone, small ropes, hardware supplies, fender pump, clips, zip ties etc. The first two bins loaded are maintenance and spare boat parts. The next two bins are loaded in front of them. One bin contains all cleaning supplies the other are spare maintenance fluids. The Green bin is empty but will be filled along the way. The red bin is spare parts. The milk crate cartons will be used for food storage. The 3 clear bins are Marie’s clothes and the black bins are my clothes. You can see the coffin is now loaded! There is a picture of the label is for our Cutwater followers, this is the size container used, they fit perfectly and allow maximum storage as you can see. The photo of the shoes and bins is in our v berth(under the bed) The bins contain all medical needs and personal hygiene supplies. We took the wine cooler out and made that storage as well. We have outerwear on the top and the below space contains extra propane canisters, 4 gallons of drinking water and a travel drink canister. The galley is loaded with all our cooking needs and the stove contains pots, pans etc. I forgot to take a picture but there is a hatch inside right as you come in the door. This space contains all our tools. So there you have it a 28’ boat packed to live on for over a year.

Looping with RS Marine

We welcome RS Marine into our fold of partners. Shout out to Bob and his team for jumping on board as quickly as he has. RS Marine produces several different items for your marine needs but we have picked up the unique boat hook with loop. The product will make grabbing hold of the dock a snap. The pole will extent and retract which keeps safety at a maximum. Bob has provided us with two different loop sizes, this will help in various situations. We are excited to put this into our supply of tools and look forward to bringing you updates on this item.

Check out their website

Check out their website

Hooked up with Danik

Much thanks goes out to Shawn and his team at Danik Hook. Danik has provided us with several of their hooks which we are very excited to use during our trip. We are especially excited about the large stainless hook. We feel this will be a great advantage when we are using mooring balls. Also in the package are some fender hooks, which we think will be a great advantage with adjusting fender height. As well Danik included a large composite hook with a 500# capacity, we will make great use of that hook as well. Stay tuned for updates on these great looking hooks. Thanks again to Danik Hook.

Check out their website especially interesting is the companies name origin, the story reminds me of how we named our boat!

30 days until launch

Wow, I remember when this was just a thought, then the boat purchase October of 2019. We went to NJ to pick her up and needed to transit 600+ miles back to SC. Told my boss we will be back in a week, 12 days later we rolled into port! Did we learn a lot on that 12 day passage. Long term boating is quite different then going to the Marina and enjoying a ride, then returning to the slip.

After approximately 17 months of ownership we have made many modifications for this journey. We are currently putting the final touches on her. Marie has spent many hours putting our legal lives together, as well as her charting specialty. She is amazing! We are looking forward to getting back to Rhode Island to spent time with family and friends.

We just wanted to take this moment to thank all who are following us and we hope you will enjoy our trip once we start to move. We believe that you will get a nice chronicle of our experience and wonderful country, from the water.

We are now globally sponsored

We are exited to now be globally sponsored thanks to Cooper Anchors out of Australia. Special thanks goes out to Jon Cooper and his team. They have provided a unique product made from nylon with weights add to the nose of the anchor. The weight helps right the anchor upon deployment and then dig into the sea floor during the anchoring process. We are excited to use this product during our journey. Jon’s team provided each anchor in their line, but the blue one is specifically designated for jetski’s and vessels up to 9’ which we will be using in various scenarios. Jon has informed me that the key to these anchors is using the correct scope to obtain the best set, stay tuned for updates.

For all our none boating followers scope is the amount of line let out while anchoring based on water depth, weather(wind) and sea conditions. Scope is critical in ALL anchoring situations. The more scope the best chance you have to keep the anchor set especially in turbulent conditions.

Check out their website

Hooked with Fortress Marine Anchors

We are proud to announce that Fortress Marine Anchors has partnered with us and have provided a dinghy anchor for the journey. Thanks goes out to Chris Albert and his team for reaching out.

Folks this is an all you need package! As you can see from the pictures you get anchor, chain, rope, shackle and all stored in a nice bag.We are extremely excited to team up with a nice size company with approximately 35 employees. There anchors are made from aluminum alloy to perform like heavier anchors but much less weight. The entire anchor package weighs about 9 pounds. All made in America!

Stayed tuned for updates on our new anchor! Check out their website

42 Days

1 year of clothes for Marie and I

So with 42 days left our clothes are packed! 6 buckets contain all the clothes we are taking. That’s right ladies Marie has a years worth of clothes in the 3 clear bins😜

We moved the solar panel forward to harness all the solar power possible. When moving the panel we discovered our spot light was not working and that our shower pump fuse was missing. This lead to a service of the shower box itself to make sure the bilge in the box functioned. Do you see how this boat thing goes from one job into four and four hours later. Why did I ever say Honey let’s get a boat!

Completed an electrical shake down and our power source preformed great. Unplugged from dock, turned on the refrigerator, several lights and the navigation lights for seven hours, the voltage meter never dipped below 13, so looks like we are good to go for energy!

Needless to say the excitement builds but I would lie if I didn’t say that the anxiety is also rising.