Countdown is on!

We have 52 days until we lift lines.

Quick update on the latest maintenance checklist. Changed the oil in the generator, changed the air filter, changed the transmission fluid as well as the filter. Cleaned all sea strainers. Going to move the solar panel this week. Yup, you guessed it more bloody hands! Just love working on the boat, new nickname Gumby.
Packing has begun! For any of you that know me this is something that I have done quite a bit. We learned alot from our cross country tour, those lessons are coming into play now. One example is, I have a years worth of clothes packed in 3 bins that are 18x13x8, yup you heard me right. We have almost every space earmarked for some type of box. So far the configuration theory is working out, but guess what we haven’t even left the slip. Photos to follow once we have packed completely.
Just a quick thanks for following!

Bolster Buddy

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Bolster Buddy. We want to thank their team for donating product and we are sure we will make great use of there product. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews. There product is made in the USA!!! The owner is a US veteran and we are very thankful to him for his service.

I contacted them because I was looking for a product to help support my back while standing at the helm, as well as give me more support while seated at the helm. Bolster Buddy seems to be a great solution. Once I contacted them via e-mail, I received a response within an hour that they were on board. The product was in the mail the following day. So let me tell you first hand this is a company that believes in customer service.

Repower Completed

Our power bank has been completed. Took out 4 old lead acid batteries and replaced them with new AGM batteries. Nothing is easy on a boat and nor was this job. Back and forth to hardware store 3 different times for items needed to finish job! You would think that the terminals and posts would be universal sizes, yup LMAO not so much. That being said we should be well equipped for energy now. Next on the punch card will be more maintenance issues and placing a galvanic isolator onboard.

Change in Plans

Exciting news, our departure date has moved forward three weeks. Looks like we are lifting lines on March 10th now. Brrrrrrrrrrr going to be a bit colder then we wanted but when we arrive in Rhode Island in early April our hearts will be warmed with the birth of our granddaughter.

Safety First

It has been a while since our last post. As you know safety is quite important on our journey. With that in mind along with all our other safety items we have added a piece of equipment know as AIS(Automatic Identification Sytem) For those unfamiliar it a mandatory piece of equipment on commercial vessels. AIS will display much data about other vessel directly on our chart plotter. Unlike radar which sees in straight lines AIS is gps driven giving you the ability to see vessels without have visual contact. You ask why is this important, well mainly so we will be able to see big barges on the inland river system. I can hail them by name and seek instructions from the Captain well before we were to meet on a turn. These barges are HUGE and take up a lot of room. Safety Safety Safety!!!!

Charting, plotting, preparing and packing

This title pretty much sums up our daily life recently. We are very busy trying to prepare for our departure at the end of March 2021! Hopefully we’ll be ready.

Once an organizer—-always an organizer
We have plenty of electronics on board to get us anywhere we want to go; but I’m always much more comfortable having the paper with us too
A few oil changes and some spare parts
Just a few of the apps that we have installed on our phones to help us along the way
We don’t want to be stepping on each other’s toes!

Short shake down run

Well we pulled lines and headed out to spend three days at anchor. Little test of our new ground tackle. Learn some ins and outs of the electrical system and its capabilities. Really just a time to get out on the water.


  1. We did not kill each other!
  2. New anchor system worked fantastic.
  3. Did a very good job learning the ins and outs of our power source.
  4. Had fun! P.S. Happy Anniversary to my love Marie.


  1. Thought I had the grill set up since we added a 5# cannister on board. When we got out on the water didn’t realize I was missing a piece. Come to find out once we got home that all parts were on board! So we didn’t get to grill the meat we had. No problem we have salad fixings so we certainly can substitute our protein source with other items we brought along. Ooooooppppppssssss, guess who forgot the salad dressing! Marie had some wonderful comments which I clearly deserved, then we had a few laughs about it.
  2. Communication from me needs to get better?! But you would think that after 13 years of marriage, that Marie would understand the word thing applies to everything. Example, put your hand on the thing and turn it! I certainly will try to get better at this.