She’s Past

Well our friend went by rather quickly. She dumped quite a bit of ran and the sensor on our bilge went haywire, I had to go back and forth to check on RAMA throughout the storm. Changing out the bilge will be a priority in the next few days! Marie and I will transport RAMA back to her home port later this morning. Ahhhhhhhhhh they say boat ownership is fun!

August Hurricane?! What?????

Wow, unbelievable Hurricane(Isaias) whatever her name is in August, REALLY!

Well, we needed to move the boat to a safe haven so me moved her back to our old Marina at Litchfield Plantation. It is a protected cove off the ICW(Waccamaw river). She is there for the next few days. Can only move her at high tide as the entrance is very shallow, will be checking on her through out the storm. Pray that ISAIAS just decides to go away, LMAO, sure she will.

Prep continues

As we continue to prepare for our departure date we have accomplished much.

We added AIS to our boat. This is a safety device that detects other vessels and gives us important information about that vessel. This will become extremely helpful once we hit the rivers in the middle of the country. These rivers are heavily traveled by large barges that can take up much of the river, especially while making turns around bends.

We have secured all the paper charts we will need and Marie is diligently charting our courses. Waypoints and anchorages will become a way of life.

We have purchased our dinghy and outboard engine. This will become a vital piece of equipment as we plan on staying at anchor quite a bit. This in many ways becomes the lifeline to shore.

We have finalized our storage configuration and believe we have optimized our space. We have evaluated our needs and with the space we have we think we are in good shape. Don’t be surprised if you see the same clothes alot once we start to post pictures, and you know how Marie is with those!

Preparation for the big adventure

Welcome to our new blog! The next number of months we will share brief posts as we prepare for our second trip of a lifetime – during this adventure we will circumnavigate the eastern half of this beautiful country for a total of 6000 miles.

We recently purchased a 28′ Cutwater trawler, her name is RAMA and our plan is to set sail on March 29th of 2021. This take off date and the entire journey will all be dependent on weather! Oh yes the driving force we call mother nature can reek havoc. So we really have a very grey schedule to follow, sort of the like the tides.

We will travel north on eastern seaboard via the Intracoastal Waterway from SC to Rhode Island. We plan on spending about a month there visiting with our family and friends. At the end of May we will take off again and head for the Hudson River. We will follow the Hudson to the Erie Canal where we will begin our journey through many sets of locks along the way. The locks do not open until somewhere around June 1st. Our journey will bring us through approximately 192 locks total. We will follow the Erie Canal to the Oswego Canal which will drop us into Lake Ontario. At this point we will transit the lake into Canada and follow the Trent Severn Waterway. Once leaving the waterway we will enter Lake Huron in what is known as The Georgian Bay and North Channel. Canada will be our home for much of the summer. Upon leaving The North Channel we will enter Lake Michigan. From here we will travel the coast of Michigan and head toward Chicago. We should hit Chicago around Sept 1st, we will travel directly through the city to start out southward decent through the middle of the country. We will travel many different rivers including the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio and others along the way until we drop out in Mobile, Alabama. We are shooting for a November 1st target to hit the Mobile delta and start the winter in the deep south. The winter will be spent travelling the panhandle, west coast and the Keys in Florida. We will finish our journey getting back into the Intracoastal Waterway in Miami to navigate north until we cross our wake in South Carolina again. The journey should take approximately a year or so.

For the next twelve months we will be planning how to store whatever we are going to need to live with for the year in a very small space; charting our course; upgrading a number of items on the boat to be sure we are safe and more comfortable; and, researching ways to make sure we can stay in touch with those we love. One of those ways is through this blog.

Rick and I hope you will join us on this great adventure!