The harbor is as still as can be, exit the harbor, hit the bay and the waves are ranging anywhere between 3 to 5 feet. Hence we still sit in port due to the shift in winds. Yesterday a small kraft advisory was issued and looks like our next window is going to be Wednesday. If Wednesday is a go we are going to run 90 miles up to Solomons and then hopefully to Annapolis Thursday. Wednesday will be a long day on the water but certainly looking forward to being on the move again. We have meet some fellow loopers while in Hampton.
We attempted to do church services yesterday but most all the churches here are still doing virtual services. We strolled the town and had brunch at The Grey Goose. Afterwards we went back to the boat and took on some maintenance as well as rearranging items. Then it was time for a rest. We found new uses for some partners products. The Bolster Buddy is a perfect backrest for the dinghy to make a floating lounge chair and the boot loop provided by RS Marine is a perfect power cord holder.

Let’s hope we get our weather window so we can start moving again on Wednesday.🛥

Port Life Continues

3/19 spent riding out gale winds, yup blowing 25-30mph with gusts of 50mph cold, rainy a real hearty New England day. So we sit tight catch up on writing as well as other projects. We headed out to the Virginia Air and Space Science Center ✈️🚀 in the afternoon which was quite interesting. We learned about the space program as well as the origins of flight. We watched our first imax movie, wow very cool. Found out a very interesting tidbit that could put a major glitch in the remainder of our trip to Rhode Island. Our access to water may be limited, can anyone guess why!? Yup you got it, the cold weather is prohibiting marinas to turn the water on because of possible freezing. WE SHALL OVERCOME!
3/20 Hopefully our last day in port. Looks like it will be a bit snotty when we depart but the waters look like they will calm down as we move along. Temporary plan is to make a run to Annapolis with two stops one at Reedsville, VA then the next at Solomons, MD. Then on to Annapolis with a projected arrival on Tuesday. Once we hit there we plan on taking a few days to enjoy the area. Maybe the weather will warm up and water will not be an issue. Today is filled with preparations to depart. Groceries are ordered and waiting to be delivered to us. Some house work, water fill up👌 and maybe a walk later in the afternoon.

We are blessed and amazed at the fact that there are currently 545 people following along and sharing our experience. We can not thank you enough. We never thought that we would ever come close to this number, but we love the fact that you are all here with us.


Great Day In Port

So anybody that knows me, knows I always need something to do! A plan, something with a purpose! Well, I think after today I have a better perspective on this whole loop thing. Whatever happens happens! Turns out we probably could have moved today but we didn’t. We ended up touring Hampton on foot and bikes we borrowed from the Marina. Along the way meet some cool folks, picked up supplies at the hardware store, visited a boatyard, went to Hampton University, and visited Fort Monroe. Our church friends will certainly appreciate photo #9. Greeting ready for rain and gale winds tomorrow but hopes to pull out Saturday morning sometime.

Journey on ⚓️

Entered the Bouge Sound on 3/14 and travelled to RE Mayo Seafood covering 69 miles. We stretched it out longer to make up for a lost day in Swansboro. The Bouge was littered with dolphin the entire run. The channel is very narrow and you shouldn’t stray out of it because it is very shallow, yup we rub pretty good in one section. Leaving the Bouge we entered Morehead City and the recreational fisherman were out. We entered the Neuse River and the water was flat. We were greeted by several sailboats along the way. The River started to get quite bumpy so we ran the engine out to get off the River. We tied up at Mayo’s $.40 cents a foot total of $11.40 including electricity, quite a bargain!

3/15 woke up to a cold morning! Weather didn’t make it over 45. We traveled from Mayo to Alligator River Marina total of 74 miles. Both the Pamilco River and the Pungo River were snotty. After leaving the Pungo we entered the Pungo-Alligator Canal 22 miles of very boring run. However you have to admire what the Army Corp of Engineers created. These canals along the Intracoastal Waterway are known as ditches to boaters, but what they did was connect River systems together to protect the U. S. Supplies from being attacked off shore.

3/16 Departed Alligator Marina and took on the Albemarle Sound. Ran the engine across the sound into the Pasquotank River. We changed courses do to winds along the cost and decided to go through the Dismal Swamp. Arrived at the Dismal Swamp visitors center and we will spend the night. The run today was 53 miles. Along the way we encountered a few bald eagles, blue herons and a couple of osprey. Transmitted the south mills lock to entry the dismal swap, 1 done a numerous more to encounter. We will tackle the Deep Creek lock leaving and pay our respects to Robert the lock master at Deep Creek who left us way to soon. Godspeed Robert you were special I will miss breakfast!

3/17 Happy St Paddy’s day to all🍀 I was greeted by an otter while I took on my morning preparation. Departed the visitors center and travelled to Hampton Roads VA total of 44 miles. We made a few stops along the way. Before we went through the deep creek lock we stop and reprovisioned. Needed to wait a few hours before we could pass through Deep Creek Lock. After departing the lock we travel to mile zero on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway better known as Norfolk. We refueled in Portsmouth in preparation to head out to the Chesapeake Bay. We were notified when refueling that the weather was going to turn for the worse. As planned we motored to Hampton to stage for the bay. Looks like we may be in port for a while possibly a week!

Deep Creek Lock

⚓️ The Loop Begins

We were blessed with a beautiful day to start our loop. Our send off was special we had many friends and family come down to bit us a farewell. Marie and I can not tell you how much we appreciated that. It is truly special to feel loved by so many folks, thank you.

We departed our home port of Heritage Plantation Marina Pawleys Island SC and travelled 53 miles to Calabash Creek in Little River SC. The weather was superb all day and we rested at anchor for the night. Woke up to a brisk morning so I kicked the generator on and started the coffee. Next I kicked on the heat and BOOM, overloaded the circuit and we lose the A/C power. Arghhh no coffee, first issue with boat, no stress lol! So We decide start the engine and move to our next stop. We travel from Little River to Carolina Beach NC. Upon arrival we head into a Marina take on diesel and start to diagnose the electrical issue. After exhausting my expertise, which I may add has increased enough for me get to a point where I needed to phone a friend! I was informed that the generator has its own circuit breaker, who’d a thunk that! BOOM, push the button and we have A/C again, magic I’d say. We departed the dock and headed to the harbor to rest at anchor. Day 3 we transmitted extra miles to Swansboro NC approximately 66 miles in all. We are at the head of the Bogue Sound and will lay up due to wind. The bogue will be real snotty so we have to hold up until it calms down. Sunday we will try and make a very long run of 80 miles or not, we shall see! It is nice not to have a schedule!

24 hours

Last minute preparations before departing. We will flush the fresh water tank, pump out grey water, do a complete system check, load the dinghy, review our first day course and pray for a wonderful, safe adventure. Thanks to family and friends for all your support! Special thanks to everyone following and of course our partnerships!

Cutwater Boats

As you know our vessel is a Cutwater C28. Shout out to Sam at Cutwater Boats, he set us up with a bunch of swag! A couple of flags, tee shirts, rain jackets, key chains, hats, bag clips and a 30 liter dry bag-back pack. Wow, much appreciated and thanks to Cutwater’s generosity! By the way I didn’t change for my picture I already was in gray and black, must be a good omen.😜

Married? to Top-Knot

Welcome top-knot to our team of partners. A big thanks to Terry and his team for providing us with a very nice dinghy bridle and towing package. This item was very much needed! Quite impressed with the quality of the materials. Huge advantage with their bridle, all the ropes float! This promotes less of a chance for ropes to tangle in the prop, thank god for that. The package consists of a 20’ stern line, 50’ tow rope and the actual dinghy bridle. This product is a very useful tool to have. The company has a very nice array of marine products check out the website

Ricks Note

With eight days left before we cast our lines, it is with great excitement that I look forward to our departure. Sharing another massive experience such as this with my best friend/wife, what a lucky man I am and what more could I ask for.

I am sure we will experience and see many new exciting things during our journey through America on the waterways. Cruising into Annapolis, gliding by Lady Liberty, cruising into Pawtuxet Cove, motoring through the middle of Chicago, navigating the Great Lakes, wintering in The Keys, damn what fun!
However there is much anxiety as well. Fear of the unknown is huge! Simple things that we take for granted such as laundry, grocery shopping, and turning on a sink faucet for water are all now situations that need to be planned. Then there is having the plan and being flexible enough to have those plans change in a flash! Ouch STRESS, you know I love my plans! Mechanical issues, well there is a horrifying thought! Sure I have been learning but to think I have the ability, knowledge and confidence, really are you serious! However, when we did the walk through of systems etc. I either learned a lot or just baffled her with bull$&@* I guess she will choose which one it was.

All that being said, the one thing I do know is that Marie and I will manage to get through all the trials, tribulations and wonderful experiences during our adventure. I will have to trust her in many different scenarios and I am quite confident with this because we make a great team. We have shared a lot over time and this will be another experience to shape us. They say behind every man is a good women, well let me tell you I have a great one!

From the past to the present, let our adventure begin my love!

From our land adventure, we are now about to embark on our sea adventure!